WoodElf WarDancer Picture

Another character for my son's gaming friends.

Wardancers are the elven equivalent of berserkers--they have no armor, move fluidly, weave 'dances of death' around their opponents, and are immune to psychological effects such as fear and terror. In Wood Elf folklore, Wardancers are treated with the utmost respect. Wardancer Kindreds are known for dancing at great feasts and banquets.

They form an elite group of warrior-troubadours special to the society of the Wood Elves, gifted with a rare range of skills. In times of peace, they perform in troupes about campfires, singing and acting out in dance the history and myths of the Elves of Loren. Their dances have a martial edge, however, and their agility and quickness is easily adapted to lethal purposes -- for Wardancers are respected as deadly hand-to-hand warriors as well as performers. (They are not, however, so skilled in the use of the bow as most Elven warriors; specialty has its price.)
Wardancers often seek out great Elf heroes, to fight by their sides, and record their exploits to be turned into epic ballads for posterity.
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