The seeker Picture

A monster concept from my longest running fanfic, Hero's of dreams.

This odd being is bent on kidnaping Cosmo in the dream world and taking her away, much to Tails dismay. It moves slowly but can teleport, create dark copies of itself, and attack fiercely with it's sword. It can be hurt but simply regenerates as such all wounds will simply slow it down, and any wound Tails inflects on it will appear on him as well.

Symbolisms: This being is an embodiment of Tails guilt over killing Cosmo during the metarex war. Even though he got her back, the guilt was always there, buried deep in his mind. It's canine like head is a reference to booth Tails status as a fox and Anubis from eygepthion mythology, a being associated with death. It also represents Tails self-loathing during Cosmo's absence. The way is hurts himself when he hurts it represents the suffering he went through and the tear like tattoo is symbolic of his depression.

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