Aurazu Hecmun Picture

Pesterchum name: idealisticKnowledge

Typing Issue: types with a breeeeezy sort of feel, and talks as though his voiiiice is part of the wiiiind...likewiiiise, sometimes his Is, Os and Es get a bit out of controoool...

Font Color: Breezy Blue (slightly darker then his blood)

Wind (Mayan: IK)

Symbol: Either a smile with the tongue sticking out (Mayan symbol for wind) or wavy/swirly lines.

Mythological entity named for: Aura, Panzuzu, Ehecatl, and Amun: all wind dieties from various religions.

Blood Color: Sky Blue

God Tier: Prince of Breathe

While generally good and generally good-tempered, he does have a slight evil side. He can melt into the wind and materialize just as quickly as evaporating. Whenever anyone around him died he burned them.

-extra info not needed-


The Spiritus: Name is Latin means spirit or breath, he's got a vaguely Asian style look to him, he speaks Latin and Japanese fluently. The symbol on the tattoo on his arm means not only wind, but also follower or hanger-on. It also says “Are you strong enough to leave your doubts?” He was loyal to the Sufferer and it's because of this they has to put up windbreakers and after that failed an actual vacuum area around him so he couldn't free him. They could never catch him can not catch the wind...His outfit is tight leather and he still lives, because the wind can never die. He used to be The Professor's best friend until he went insane. It is because of this he didn't die, because he allowed The Professor to unlock his god tier statues without death. He was the only one he did this for, because it was extremely experimental and then was wiped from his memory after an accident with a memory beam. He is the one who had to put an end to The Professor...Which caused him to retreat within himself. After all, they were childhood friends...but he didn't have a choice...He was born blind in his right eye and The Professor had fixed that too, making a small computer to replace the eye...though in the fight with him it was a constant reminder now his vision is forever lined with cracks just as his relationships are.

Aeomoi Hecmun- Dancestor, Knight of Breathe, still living

Velificatio: Female lusus who primarily looked after him. A Velificatio is actually a sort of billowing cape/scarf generally used to ID a creature of the wind. She's an incredibly beautiful ghost wearing an extremely billowy dress and lightly glowing. She avoided being killed because...she's a ghost...she's already dead...

Jaslusolo: a combination of jaculus (Snake) and pervolo (to fly). Secondary lusus, managed to escape just before the reckoning. She is a feathered, winged serpent who also takes care of Cihuco.

Strife Portfolio: Thrwstarkind, Thrwdagkind

Fetch Modus Setting: Clue

Age: 7.4 Alternian Solar Sweeps (16 earth years)

Planet: Land Of Wind And Shade (Landed there before John did, which is why the locals knew about a wind hero before he got there)

Name Breakdown (Troll) : Aura is the Geece/Roman divine personification of the breeze and the 1st part of the 1st name. Panzuzu is the king of the demons of the wind of Babylon and the last part of the 1st name. Ehecatl is the Aztec wind god, who was also associated with Quetzalcoatl and is sometimes even called Ehecatl- Quetzalcoatl, this is the 1st half of the last name. Amun was a god of Thebes, considered the god of gods and god of wind, this is the 2nd part of the last name.

Name Breakdown (Pesterchum) : he is very smart and rather idealistic. It was also chosen so when he talks to someone his pesterchum is [IK] which is the mayan way to say his symbol's name.

Personality Qualities: smart, thoughtful, and communicative with great self-awareness and awareness of his surroundings. Flexible, open, and idealistic. He can also be indecisive and over-think things. He has a lot of interests and mastered multiple fields of study. However, sometimes he gets wrapped up in insecurities. He's very lively, multifaceted, and elusive, only showing himself when he's completely comfortable

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