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This is entirely based on a dream I had about two nights ago, where it was an alternate world I was in and the Native Americans became masters in colonials and made colonial oversea empires. So I thought, "Why don't I have a go for it..." and so here it is my alternate history about Native American empires becoming colonial empires by the means of early sailing and early invention of gunpowder for them.

*DISCLAIMER THIS IS ASB, Alien Space Bat (Literally well sorta...) reason because the Native Americans never die from diseases when they contact the Europeans while colonizing Europe. This therefore states that the Native Americans have some how been always immune to diseases that came from the Europeans around the time the Mayans set foot on the shores of Portugal*

"Old World" Colonial Powers (Basically the Old World is the Americas, NOT Europe, Asia, Middle East, or Northern Africa)

Aztec Empire -
Has been around for centuries now and with their blood-thirst for more human sacrifice they begun a vast global empire, making colonies and conquering anyone who dares to get in they're way of colonialism. The Aztecs just love the blood from their enemies they've conquered since ancient times. Tenochtitlan is their blood city as their capital of their mighty homeland and has fought against weak enemy tribes in it's early days.
Mayan Empire - The second well known colonial empire, and was first to discover the ways of sailing the winds at the sea by the 1100's. And then a century later a great alchemist known by the name of 'Black Jaguar' accidentally discovered the great technology of gunpowder. Black Jaguar with his accidental discovery changed not only the way of the Mayans but the entire Old World as well. He is known as a hero to many Mayan professors and teachers alike across the colonial Mayan Empire. And Tikal is their shining bright jewel as their capital city of their empire and has been since the Mayan Classical Period. They even made the universal and now commonly used calender, Mayan Calender which tells the seven days of the week, twelve months, four seasons, and solar and lunar eclipses. However the calender will end eventually long time from now....
Inca Empire - The third best and loved colonial empire in the world. Having colonies in Africa, India, Asia and Oceania they are a mighty powerful empire that has a population of millions and if not maybe billions of citizens of various ethnicity. The Inca Empire became a navigating power across the Pacific Ocean when a Polynesian fisherman was caught in a storm and swept across the Pacific Ocean to the shores of the Inca city of Chan Chan. It was then remembered according to Inca mythology that their long lost brothers have finally been found once again. Seeing in their belief the Polynesians are their brothers and sisters they begun a huge sailing navy across the Pacific Ocean and colonizing many of the islands as the result. And every Polynesian they've came into contact with was given same rights and freedoms like the Incans had. Finally and forever now the Inca can live happy to have their long lost Polynesian brothers and sisters reunited once again. And to this day the Inca have became a huge naval power in the South Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean and has vast cartography of almost the entire Pacific Ocean. The capital of their empire is Cuzco which is hidden far away in the Andes.
Kayapo Empire - Used to be a isolated tribe that lived deep in the Amazons. But legend has it that one day a Kayapo boy was bathing in the river, until he stumble across a floating raft that seemed to been abandoned for months. There the boy become the first emperor of the Kayapo and he made a vast large empire across the Amazons and conquered tribe after tribe. Later they too like the Mayans discovered gunpowder by accident, however it took them until the 1300's until they were able master the ways of sailing across the Atlantic Ocean to Africa and Europe. There they made colonies and contacted new people along the way as the result. Their capital is Kexoco which is said to be somewhere along the Amazon River Basin.
Seminole Empire - Were once regular native tribes who resided in Florida, but when the Mayans first came into contact with them in the 1100's they were amazed by the unseen awesomeness the Mayans had. It was until then later they became a well known ally to the Mayans and the Mayans even taught them how to make maps, and tell the stars in the night sky. Since then not a single Seminole galleon has ever lost it way. And their capital is Miami (Yes Miami is a Seminole name).
Lenape Empire - Having discovered sailing much later, they were able to make a major colonial empire across the world. And their first colony they ever landed on was the British Isles. And with the Aztecs help they made the whole British Isles their first prized oversea colony of theirs. The capital of their empire is Longwoekan-ka which is along the Delaware River in OTL New Jersey.
Tupi Empire - Once were a bunch of scattered tribes along the Brazilian coast. A civil war broken out between all the tribes and a victor won and then became a colonial power by Inca trade and technology. They are very friendly to the Inca, but they have a great passion of hatred to their northern neighboring empire, the Kayapo Empire. Their capital is Ricokelo and it is located on the coast and the exact location of OTL Rio de Janeiro.
Anasazi Empire - The Anasazi or also fluently known as formerly the cliff-dwellers were originally a tribe of Native Americans who made homes on cliffs, under cliffs, or even on the cliffs themselves. They used to have no knowledge of counting or even knew how to write at all. But when the Aztec emperor Montezuma IV came into contact with the Anasazi he and them became great friends and he taught them how to tell the stars, the seasons, the ways of harvesting, the local flowers and of course taught them how to read and right and count. Later on the Aztecs given them sailing galleons in the 1320's and they thus then sailed westwards toward the Pacific Islands and conquered all the natives they came into contact with and then populated the islands with themselves. By the mid-1350's, they were able to get all the way across the Pacific Ocean to Japan. (Which led to the Japanese really being fucked up by the Anasazi afterwards). Their capital is the cliff-side city of Mesa Verde (based on OTL national park in Colorado), and they are very fierce colonial power.
Mississippian Empire - The Mississippian folk have been in contact with the Aztec Empire since ancient times, and were formerly reliant on massive trade with the Aztec Empire. By the same time the Aztecs learned how to sail across the seas and learned how to use gunpowder, the Mississippians studied it and learned from them. And soon by the 1360's they were up and going across the Caribbean Sea and by the 1370's they made it across the ocean to Europe and then landed in Africa in 1383. And there they saw themselves able to become colonists of a minor colonial empire. And been a minor colonial empire since then as the result. Their capital is Canolea and it is located where OTL, New Orleans would of been.
Aleut Empire - The Aleuts were very well known masters of canoeing from island to island, but eventually they learned how to make larger ships by the 1420's and had no knowledge of the technology of gunpowder. They are a very poorly known minor colonial power but they have made great achievements into colonizing parts of Siberia, colonizing Northern Japan and the Kuril Islands as well as colonizing the rest of the remaining Alaskan islands in the process. They have also came into contact with the Ainu and the Siberian Eskimos, which was a fascinating discovery for them. They've recently obtained the weaponry of gunpowder by the Anasazi. Their capital city is Kodiak located on Kodiak Island in OTL Alaska.

Rest of the world by the time of the 1500's

The 1500's have came and other minor and struggling powers such as Hungary, Poland, the remaining and surprisingly still functioning Holy Roman Empire, Croatia, Sweden, China, and Korea are very pissed that they're world they once knew is now being mostly ruled by various different men who have red colored skin.

Sweden recently lost a war with the Aztecs and the Aztecs took Norway from them, and as the result the Aztecs begun to ethnic cleanse them for their gods. France, Portugal and Spain were half genocide by the Aztecs when they've arrived in 1300's, which made the Portuguese, Spanish and French scared shitless at bloodthirsty warrior whom they never seen ever before. Their horses were no match to the Aztecs mighty army of Jaguar and Eagle warriors equipped with muskets and flintlocks. And eventually they were all colonized by the Aztec Empire, and converted to the same religion the Aztecs had worshiped.

The Lenape have begun mass farming in the British Isles and the Netherlands by simply using the native Englishmen, Dutch, Welsh, Irishmen, and Scotsmen as servants and poorly paid for working large farmlands. They were entirely unmatched to the superior technology the Lenape had to the start with when they invaded the British Isles and the Netherlands. In fact any Dutch, Welsh, Scottish, English or Irish is founded convicted of a major or even a minor crime such as drinking beer (which the Lenape made illegal after colonizing the Netherlands, and British Isles. Reason is because the Lenape think that beer along with any alcohol is a forbidden drink that only the gods can drink upon) they are simply a week later sent onto a cramped ship to penal colonies of the Lenape in Oceania. (Sounds way oddly familiar...).

Inca Empire recently defeated the Chinese in colonization of Taiwan, and China has no longer been considered a major power in Asia since the red colored warriors had come across the ocean from a far away distant empire. China has become neutral as the result after hearing that the Kingdom of Japan was colonized in half by the Aleuts and the genocide-loving Anasazi and Japanese are pretty much fucked as it is. China has only close contact in trade and diplomacy with the other only non-colonized Asian minor power, Korea. Which the Koreans are still pissed that Incans and other Native American colonists have been now controlling what was once their own sea they used to use for trading to faraway places such as the Mughal Empire and Bengal.

Africa is pretty much being colonized by any Native American empire that feels that they need to have a colony or a few colonies in Africa. Thus a lot of massive wars between native Africans and Native American colonists have sprung up since 1300's.

The Incas in the OTL landmass of Australia did not see the Aborigines as "people" unlike what they consider the Polynesians as "long lost brothers and sisters", thus the Inca are constantly warring against various Aboriginal tribes across their colony in OTL Australia, and won't stop warring against them until every last Aborigine is dead in their colony.

Welp, seems like the Native Americans being now masters of supreme colonialism is now beginning to become a dyspotia world now and it now currently 1900 A.D. Neither empire is wanting to stop conquesting against other unclaimed land they have not claimed on yet. Aztecs still love killing people, Incas still are doing genocide against the Aborigines, Anasazi are sure still fucking up the Japanese to the point that surely anime or manga won't exist ever in this ATL of mine. And the Lenape are sure mistreating the European natives in their colony located the British Isles and the Netherlands.

Meh, but the Mayan calender is still ticking and counting each second, each minute, each hour, each day, each week, each month, each single year it is still ticking and counting by number and number. It's due date of when it ends is December 21st, 2012 which is another century from now. Mayan scholars just begun to realize this and then realized, "Oh we ran out of space on the rock, oh well the world will end then who gives shit."

Native American colonial powers might enjoy their time of fucking the world up as it lasts. Because on December 21st, 2012 the world will end. And surely it seems like nobody gives shit either.

Who knows only time will tell for sure then...

Hope you enjoyed this alternate history scenario of mine
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