New OC: Kiyohime Picture

My newest Naruto OC, Kiyohime.
I guess you could call her my 'Mary-Sue' OC, but thats up to you.

Kiyohime was based on a character from Japanese mythology which you can read about here [link]

Like Hana, Kiyohime likes Orochimaru. But, unlike Hana, Kiyohime is not subtle about it and she'll do anything to get Orochimaru to notice her. Another word to describe her would be, obsessive.
And, to add insult to injury, her theme song is "Rotten Girl, Grotesque Romance".

Hana often calls her a dragon (which is a reference to the myth).

Kiyohime hates Hana. When Hana was younger, Kiyohime would beat her sensless. And one time, Kiyohime ripped the head off of a stuffed lion that Setsuna (another oc of mine) made for Hana.

Kiyohime was eventually banished from Otogakure.


In my new fanfic "Hero", Kiyohime is the primary antagonist. She teams up with Tobi and has Orochimaru kidnapped and imprisoned.
When Hana comes to save Orochimaru, she encounters Kiyohime and learns that her real plan was to have them both killed.
When Hana and Orochimaru make an attempt to escape, Kiyohime tries to stop them. When Kiyohime attacks Orochimaru, Hana gets between them and a battle ensues. When the battle ends (and after a paper bomb goes off and causes an explosion), Hana and Orochimaru escape, and Kiyohime is believed to be dead.


Kiyohime (c) Me

base by ~RoriBases
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