Jacob Sheep Picture

Media: Faber-Castell sketching pencils.

sorry for the sketchy-ness. His horns are kind of off, but thats okay. XD
A new character I came up with! Well, semi-new. XD
I still need to come up with a name for him. If anyone can give me suggestions, it would help. I'm thinking of naming him either Loki (after the mischief making Norse shape-shifter) or Hades (after the Greek/Roman ruler of the underworld).
I'll give part of his bio it it'll help.
This sheep comes from the world of the future, were his kind protects this futuristic world. His kind is inspired by different mythologies, like Greek, Roman, Norse, Celtic, etc. I want some of the characters to be inspired off these mythologies, but not completely based off of. They have names of gods, goddesses, heroes, villains and other people from mythology. These sheep wear mechanical suits to protect their world, kinda like the suits you see in mech anime.
As for the character, he's kind of a romantic, but he's also mischievous and sadistic. He talks in a flamboyant manner and picks on new soldiers in the field. He has a thing for a new sheep, Ganymede, who was adopted from a group of sheep warriors who saved him when he was little. He picks on Ganymede, and always follows Ganymede.

Well, I hope that tells something about him. Please help me if you can.
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