So awhile ago I posted a little teaser logo for a story in my mythology I'm creating entitled "Polo." Well, after waiting for the longest of times (..okay, a few months) I finally have a worth image of the title character. This is Polo. I think he's pretty cool.
I wanted to create a character who maybe wasn't what some would look at and say "Oh, this is a hero." A bit more of an average looking character. Once the story unfolds his role as the epic hero will take place.
But this image is also a triumph as it was my first real time creating and coloring an image completely digital. The linework was done with the pencil tool in Illustrator, as I found it to capture my typical sketchy linework that I do in my sketchbooks. The coloring was done with brushes, gradients, and textures in Photoshop. I think that for a first time it went extremely well. It was alot of experimenting with things but after a few hours it all went well!!
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