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Some viewers may find this disturbing

You people don't know how much I suffer for you. I knew this had to be made, because the first one was my biggest hit with people. I knew I had to top myself too, and the only thing people respond to is suffering, so I took extra steps to load this with transformations that made my skin CRAWL !

Yes, I do have honorable mentions, eight of them in fact, but if this does well as well, it'll be a whole other list.

Didn't see one you thought should be here? Be sure to check out the first one, and remember, I have to have watched it for it to be a contender (No Steven Universe, No Masters of the Universe, sorry people who suggested them):
Top 10 Bizarre Transformations in Cartoons

10. Teen Titanimals (Teen Titans)- I wanted to talk about the over sexualized She Hulk transformation from the Incredible Hulk episode "Doomed", but people would kill me if I shelved this little beauty again. This represents just what disturbs me about transformations, it's violating a person's body and making everything about them foreign. I did put this lower on the list, since it was played mostly for laughs (the guy behind it is voiced by Tom Kenny for crying out loud), but the concept still retains a dark undertone to it. You have this man who is wants to kill the teen titans (how he hopes to accomplish that when he turns one into a tiger and another into a cyborg bear is beyond me) and does it with this childish sense of humor. Very off putting.

9. Hercules and the Song of Circe, AKA, The Circe Episode (Hercules: The Animated Series)- Oh, Circe, why do you keep popping in things you don't belong? Was Percy Jackson not enough for you? Sadly, even Disney has a bottom of the barrel, and this is probably it. A TV spin off of one of Disney's more "meh" Renaissance films that had Circe, the sex crazed, manner obsessed, possible furry of Homer's epic, The Odyssey, turn fellow mythical characters Icarus, Hercules, and Adonis into a freaking Platypus, Squirrel, and Peacock (A Greek wouldn't even know what two of those are!). And guess who she's voiced by. Just guess, I bet you'd never get it in a MILLION YEARS unless you just looked up the answer, you cheat.

Here's a hint:

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