Rama Picture

Character Concept:
Honestly, Rama was a character that came out of nowhere and really grew on me. When I came up with his concept as an Indian hero, I didn't put much thought into him. I just slapped the name of a character from an Indian story and left him behind. When I started developing him, though, he honestly became one of my favorites in the National Guardians because of his origin story: no powers, but is considered good enough to be ranked among the world's best superheroes.

Name: Chandra Singh
Age: 35
Personality: Fun-loving, adventurous, and wise-cracking. Generally liked among the superhero community as a reliable back-up. Outside of his costumed identity, though, he's just...normal. Not someone you'd look twice at. That was one of the main inspirations he had to taking up costumed adventuring. After becoming an expert sword-fighter, he took to the streets of New Delhi and impressed the Indian government so much that they chose him over Indra to become their nation's representative in the National Guardians. Put simply, he's their Badass Normal.
-A talwar sword
-A kukri knife
-Trained in multiple forms of combat to the point where he can even fight against super-powered enemies.

Intelligence: 4
Strength: 2
Speed: 2
Durability: 2
Energy Projection: 1
Fighting Ability: 6

Inspirations: Green Arrow and Shining Knight from DC and Rama from Indian mythology.
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