Besting the Brainy-Legion Picture

I was inspired by SainAsh's GB Brainiac 5 drawing, so I decided to draw my own.

My idea? Quen Dox (Brainiac 5) comes of the Anomaly (Legion fans know what I'm talking about) lookin' like Persephone (Mythology fans know what I'm talking about).

Quen is now attractive, sweet, and makes a delicious cheesecake.

...she's still an ass.

What would be cool, in GB world, she actually gives Andromeda (maybe GB name is Galactic?) a shot and the two go along pretty well.

She's short compared to him (though literature fans would dub her "petite") and for some reason, I find that very hot. He punches things to oblivion, and she's the smartest in the galaxy--easily pins her, but thanks to Coluan curiosity, she tops in sexual prowess.

In this pic, they were arguing, and he bends over to get to her level (this ticks her off since he's condescending her) and kisses her.

Here, Quen doesn't know if she should kiss back or turn on a red-lamp and smack him (female Doxs are more agile and lithe--also pack a mean punch when t'eed off.)

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