Dot -Peridot OC- Picture

Dot's finished now to work on Peri.

Full Name: Peridot Facet-9I6P Cut-3BA
Pronunciation: Pair-Eh-D-Ah-0 T
Nickname/Alias: Dot
ID Number: Facet-9I6P Cut-3BA

Gender: Female
Orientation: Pan-Sexual
Real Age: 389
Birthday: Early September
Birthplace: Planet Repek 8S-D5
Astrological Sign: Libra
Zodiac Sign: Horse

Species: Gem
Ethnicity: Iron Silicate
Web Type: Ionic
Preferred Hand: Left
Eye Color: Green
Skin Tone: Light Leaf Green
Complexion: Not a crack or Crease
Build: Small, Lith
Height: 4' 9''
Weight: 39 Lbs
Shoe Size: H-S4 1/2
Birthmarks/scars: (Self harm) Amygdala Damage in her core.

Health: Fairly healthy besides Core damage
Energy: Moderate energy.
Memory: Has a Steal Trap.
Senses: Is able to sense Electrical flow through objects.
Allergies: None
Handicaps: Is unable to show emotion, unless it is extreme.
Medication: None.
Phobias: Has a phobia of Deep Space or being lost in space.
Addictions: None
Mental Disorders: Sociopath

Mood: Shows no emotions.
Expressiveness: Expressionless
When Happy: Does nothing.
When Depressed: Does nothing.
When Angry: Does nothing.

Wardrobe: Standard Peridot Outfit-FGX
Equipment: Custom made Limb Enhancers Model CS-2.8
Accessories: Galxinous Phone 5x Irken Edition
Grooming: Dependent on other for grooming.
Habits and Mannerisms: During her younger days she would cry openly, twitch/shake and yell. Now she shows nothing.
Scent: Smells like a fresh cut green apple.

Upbringing: Dot was born in the Alpha Kindergarten on Planet Repek 8S-D5. She was a regular Peridot and was assigned to Class 03-SD. Her job was to become a Developmental Engineer in order to create better weapons for gemkind. After basic assignment and training she was shown to have exceptional promise and sent to Vondrech University to further her studies in Gemstone Engineering. Dot however was more interested in her own species inter workings then tinkering with Gemstone tech. However Gemstone Engineering was the closest field of study to what she really wanted to learn, Geology. Despite her sever interest in Geology it was a banded Study by the Matriarch. People who tried to learn the inter-workings of gems, would be accused of treason and broken.
However this didn't stop her, during her college days she befriended a Sorority by the name of The Black Knights of Science. They were an extremest group, and wanted to further their studies by all means (illegal or not). She used this group in order to study the inner workings of gems (Using live gem test subjects that no one would miss). All the while she was learning gem "biology" she aced every class and was going above and beyond her other Peridot colleagues, being the top of her class. However due to her overreacting nature she felt that her behind the scenes studies were unethical. She began to become paranoid around the Sorority members. Fearing that they would lynch her if she showed disinterested in the groups tendencies, she began to experiment on her own gem. Her discovery of the Inter webbing of gem-cores made her realize that she could halt some of her emotions all together. However she couldn't fully sever the connection of the Amygdala from her core or it would result in presumable death. So instead she singed it, severely limiting her body's function to express emotion. And like that all oh her out bursts and feelings could no longer be shown. (They can be shown but only if she feels the emotion so strongly that is manages to push through the singed connections).
Due to her sudden unenthusiastic behavior, her college friends no longer wanted to include her in activities, as she acted like a buzz kill. However they didn't understand that she could still feel the same emotions, she just couldn't express them. This lead her to drive herself into her studies and further distance herself from other people.
Once graduated she was assigned to a Gemstone Engineering Research laboratory in Facet 78-9D near the Southern most part of the Andromeda Galaxy. Dot along with a few other Peridots were being transported there. Suddenly on the outskirts of the MilkyWay they were ambushed by Covenant ships. Their ship was ransacked and all but Dot, was murdered (Her ability to not cry out and panic made it so that she could hide while the others could not.) She was left behind with a power-coreless ship, where she drifted in the empty space between galaxies for 20 years.
Her saving grace was a UNSC ship that had miscalculated a slip-space and landed themselves in the void close to her. Dot's distress signal had reached the UNSC Ship and she was rescued by another Peridot. Dot was very grateful and offered her services for a short time in order to repay them for her rescue. Because of the crew now having two Peridots they had to avoid confusion. The First was called Peri and her, Dot. Though they were both gems of the same kind they had major disagreements and a strong rivalry formed. Over time their bickering subsided and they learned that they had a lot more in common then they had originally realized. Both came from the same kindergarten and were in the same class that went to Vondrech. Soon a romance was born and they soon came to work together closely in the UNSC army. They now live together and vacation to planets when off duty.

Occupation: Geologist / Medic (Former Engineer)
Work Ethnic: Hard worker, will not stop till the job is done.
Rank: Low ranking Tech worker.
Income: These gems have to much money.
Funds: Enough to make even Foxxiy jealous.
Prized Possession: Her first HyperBeam Pen.

IQ: 200
Education: Went to Vondrech University.
Grade: She never settled for under a A+
Social Stereotype: She was considered the weird un-socialized geek.
Degrees: She has a masters degree in Gemstone-Engineering

Current Residence: She lives with Peri in multiple homes.
Bosses: UNSC General (Current) Yellow Diamond (Former)
Followers: Over 1 Zillion followers on her blog.
Heroes: Peri, oddly enough.
Rivals: Peri...

(Uhhh NSFW part)
Lovers: Peri / Sodalite
Marital Status: Married (Unfused)
Sex Life: To much fusion.
Turn-Ons: Spreading, Grinding
Turn Offs: Pain, Verbal Abuse
Position: Dom
Fetishes: Cowboy outfits
Virginity: BWAHAHA!

Element: Air
Religion: She is an Atheist.
Morals: Eye for an Eye.
Crime Record: Illegal Downloads. Illegal Gem Experiments.
Motivation: She is motivated by completion.
Philosophy: She has a very hard working philosophic look on life. She believes what you give is what you get.
Traditions: She celebrates human Christmas.
Superstitions: Doesn't believe in Superstitions.

Main Goal: To be a successful alien/gem surgeon.
Career: She is a Scientist for the UNSC. She also is a side medic.
Desires: She wants to be a renown Geologist and work at St. Gloopy Noops Hospital.
Greatest Achievement: Discovering Inter-Gem-Webs
Biggest Failure: Being assigned as a common Peridot Engineer.
Secrets: Has to keep her former Sorority Life a secret, it wasn't very ethical....
Best Memories: Being the top of her class.
Worst Memories: Being stuck in space for 20 years.

Hobbies/Interests: She enjoys reading, cultivating petunia flowers, and watching anime with Peri.
Skills/Talents: Amazing Geologist, has a nack for painting.
Likes: Spending time with Peri, Reading, and preforming experiments.
Dislikes: Loud noises, liars, organic life, and arguments.
Sense of Humor: Has a dry sarcastic humor.
Lures: A good way to lure her is a bubble gum under a box with a stick and string. -w-
Soft Spot: Has a soft spot for emotionally damaged people.
Cruel Streak: Has no care for weaker or defective gems and will not hesitate to experiment on them if she can get away with it.

Powers/Abilities: Has general Gem powers. Is able to sense electrical fields.
Weaknesses: Is a fairly weak gem physically, is unable to display emotion.
Gem Weapon: A long green hand whip.
Extra Anatomy: None.

Favorite Color: Yellow.
Favorite Animals: None.
Favorite Mythological Creatures: Golems
Favorite Places:Libraries, Medical Labs
Favorite Flavors: Dry cakes, salt and black burnt coffee.
Favorite Foods: Cake, Cup-ramen
Favorite Drink: Coffee
Favorite Song: A City in Florida - Deadmau5 (Any music this is primary just beats and harmonies)

Favorite Quotations: "The Cluster, is the greatest GemWeapon of our time and will bring in a new age of artillery." -Yellow Diamond

Languages: Vortian, Gem Dialects 1-25, Human and Irken.
Accent: Automated Phone Service Voice??
Voice: Medium to lower pitch,
Speech Impediments: None.
Greetings and Farewells: "Hello." and "......"
State of Mind: (How are you Dot?) "I am optimal."
Compliment: "Mm.... you smell nice?"
Insult: "You are a waste of material, you defective excuse of a lifeform."
Expletive: ".....Oh...."
Laughter: A monotone laugh. (Would have to be pretty god damn funny.)
Signature Quote: "What can I say the Flash is reaaaaly good..."
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