Avengers Neo- Hera Picture

This is a picture of a character from my Marvel/Power Rangers/TMNT fanfiction story world.

This is Hera, Queen of the gods from ancient Greek and Roman Mythology, also known as Juno to the Romans.
Hera was sister to the goddesses Demeter and Hestia, and was the Goddess of marriage and women in general. She was the wife of Zeus, and mother of Ares, Hephaestus, Hebe and Eris. Hera grew jealous whenever Zeus took a mortal lover, and often plagued the mother and child mercilessly. the most famous of her rivalries was with Heracles, sending a madness that caused him to kill his own wife and sons, and causing him to undertake the Legendary Twelve Labours as penance. When Heracles finally perished much later in life due to Hydra-Blood Poisoning, and was brought to Mount Olympus and elevated into the full god Hercules, Zeus insisted that Hera make peace with her step-son, and compelled her to offer her daughter Hebe to become Hercules wife. For a while, Hera put aside with Hercules, and sided with when the Olympians warred the Giants of Gaea, where Hercules became their greatest champion.
Her legends are not all about spite and jealously, as she was the patron of Jason, hero of the Argonauts and helped him in his quest for the Golden Fleece, even when he took Heracles and other children of Zeus as Argonauts.

When worship of the Olympians faltered, Hera went to sleep alongside most of her fellow Olympians. She awakened when the Corona Aurora was finished, and returned to the realm of Olympus. Seeing Hercules become a hero to the people of Earth drew her jealously once more, and she began to plot against her step-son once more. She initially set her son Ares against him, but soon turned to other methods, even plotting her her now maddened brother Pluto against Hercules.
When Zeus fell against the Elder God Set/Typhon when he attacked Olympus, Hera assumed a role as head of the Olympians, but she abused her position and plotted not only against Hercules, but against all children of Zeus that were not her own, including Athena, Apollo, Artemis, Hermes and Dionysus. This eventually caused the other gods to finally rebel against Hera and banish her from Olympus, putting Athena in charge as the new head of Olympus. After her exile, she was forced to reevaluate her position and decided to do some good in the world, running a charity to help women in trouble, and has often come to the aid of female heroes, saving them from near death and giving them new advice.

As a goddess, Hera has all the powers of a standard Olympian, including great strength and immortality. She is a particularly magical goddess, and has access to all manner of curses and transformation magics. She also knows a great number of protective spells, often used in the aid or females who need her help.
She is drawn here in two differ net outfits, a more modest dress and a more revealing outfit.

I made this picture from Dolls I found here www.angelfire.com/on3/lilyshan… by the artist Lilly and it is used with permission.
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