Mighty Lightning: Diva Erratica Picture

Another comrade among the pantheon, or rather an anti-hero, is Anabelle or the Diva Erratica. Anabelle was a woman who was jealous of Mighty Lightning's heroics and wanted to outdo him, taking up the alias Diva Erratica. Though the two would compete against each other, she eventually agrees with a truce and becomes an unlikely ally to Mighty Lightning. Akin to the anti-hero trope, Diva Erratica will only aid Mighty Lightning whenever she feels like it unlike Righteous Tide. She represents Hades of Greek mythology and her specialties reference the aftermath caused by natural disasters. In other words, death and destruction.

-Death-Based Abilities: Diva Erratica possesses death/super-natural powers associated with the Underworld.
-Enhanced Strength and Durability: Diva Erratica possesses great strength and sturdiness.
-Underworld's Wrath: DE is able to summon sinister hands from the ground that will either hold her foes still or drag them down under.
-Natural Disasters: being based on the Underworld God, Diva Erratica is able to cause death-related events such as drying up of crops. She can also combine her powers with Mighty Lightning and Righteous Tide to cause other disasters. Including one involving RT in which they can form the River Styx.

-Transformer: the shining device on her breast that allows Anabelle to transform into Diva Erratica.
-Sickles: Diva Erratica's weapon of choice which she wears on her wrists.
-Armor: made from the same material as ML and RT's, providing enough sturdiness to withstand powerful blows and allows enough movement.
-Headgear: provides protection of his head and can be used against foes by headbutting them or projecting sinister energy.

-Seclusion: DE usually prefers to do her own thing and only teams up with ML and RT when she wants. Sometimes, this can get her into more trouble than she can handle on her own.
-Impatience: Anabelle's not the patient type and will likely charge head-on into battle the first chance she gets before settling on a plan of attack.
-Strong Winds: powerful wind can kick up dust that can cause her to not fully control her abilities, hinder her vision, and also prevent her transformer from functioning correctly.
-Airborne Objects/Foes: DE's ground attacks can not affect anything that's not on the ground in the first place.
-Loss of Powers: should his transformer be lost, removed, or destroyed, DE loses her powers entirely.

More details to come.

Credit goes to DandyAndy1989 for her name.

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