Aaron Sketch Picture

All you really need to know right now is that I've noticed, lately, even with my love of Greek mythology and a certain couple Gods/Goddesses as well as Hero's... I have never truly created a Greek Character.

So, this is my first attempt. He's in the beginning mock up at the moment. I'm not sure if he's from the past or the present yet....

But seeing whom his father is.. probably present.

You can guess all you like, even give ideas. But his father, for the most part, is final. His mom, not so much... though I'm thinking she's going to be mortal or a Demi-goddess.

Aaron is, for the most part, a very fun person, easy to get along with, very charismatic... Though, he can be a bit of a snob if he wants to be.

That's all you get for now. <3
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