Vir Fortis Universe: Hecate Picture

Real Name: Jennifer "Jen" Clarkson

Age: 25

Height: 5'3 feet

Weight: 135 pounds

Ethnicity: Greek-American

Place of Birth: Lincolnwood, Illinois

Base of Operations: New York City, New York

Powers/Abilities: Mastery of light magic, genius-level intellect, abilities via magic include light energy blasts from hands, light energy bolts from eyes, light energy barrier, conjuring light energy weapons such as swords, flight, teleportation, super strength, super-speed, opening and closing portals and shapeshifting

Weakness: suffers from pyrophobia

Affiliations: The Chastisers (member)

Bio: Jennifer "Jen" Clarkson was only 3 years old when her parents were killed in a tragic accident when their house caught on fire. Because of the house fire, she has since developed a fear of fire. She was taken to Greece to live with her maternal grandfather who taught Greek mythology at the local university. Growing up, she loved hearing stories of Greek mythology from her grandfather and read several books of the fantasy genre. At the age of 13, her life was forever changed. She was awoken one night, hearing a strange murmuring in the house. Curiosity got the best of her and she followed the noise to her grandfather's study. Normally, she was not allowed in the study, but once again her curiosity got the best of her. To her shock, her grandfather stood in front of a portal, holding open a book and speaking in the Latin language. After closing the portal, her grandfather revealed that since he was a young adult, he secretly doubled as a sorcerer and master of light magic. He explained that the spells he used were written in Latin and the purpose of the spells was to fight and protect the world against dark magic. He also revealed that since he was getting old, he needed to find a successor. Jen begged her grandfather to let him train her so she can take over as his successor. Although reluctant at first, he eventually agreed to train her. After many long years of training, her grandfather decided she was ready to function on her own. However, old age had taken toll on his body and he began dying from pneumonia. On his deathbed, he made Jen promised to use her magical abilities for good only and keep on studying magic to improve. Jen promised. After the death of her grandfather, she returned to the United States. She arrived in New York City. As she traveled around the city, she saw a bank robbery taking place. She ran into a nearby alley and chanted the spell "Sume arma miro maga" (Disguise myself in a wonderful sorceress ). The blond-haired Jen was transformed into a long, brown-haired sorceress dressed in Greek garb. Calling herself Hecate, after the Greek goddess of magic, she teleported to the bank, where he conjured a net of light energy to trap the robbers so they could not escape. The robbers were taken into custody. The event also caught the attention of the superhero, Captain Mortar. Captain Mortar came to her and told her of a team he was starting to better combat crime. He asked her to join The Chastisers. Hecate immediately accepted. During her time on The Chastisers, Hecate served as second-in-command. Following Captain Mortar's death, she took over leadership. Although she proved to be an effective leader, the team disbanded after a few months. She now operates as a solo superhero, but still occasionally teams up with other heroes as well.
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