Stone Picture

Stone is legend; he is known by almost every dog and wolf, and is actually slowly being tied into canid mythology. It is an honor to meet Stone, or even be in the presence of Stone. He is considered not only a hero, but a savior; someone who sacrificed everything they had for the good of other's. "May Stone give you his claws" is a saying soldiers give to other soldiers.

However, Stone didn't start out this way. In fact, if it weren't for Quin, Stone would still be slicing necks to those who disobey Victor's law. Quin's influence brought out what was a very quiet, distant hero. You see, Stone obviously was more of a coward then you thought, even at the high prized rank of Commander.

Over the years, Stone's wisdom had strengthened and reinforced. However, he'll deny that he's as or ever will be as wise as Quin.

When Stone was young, he was forced to join the Ingriv Force (second leading Tateus police force; rivaled with the Alcander) under Commander Tyro. Stone was later summoned by Victor, who asked him to create his own force; thus the Alcander was born, and due to Stone's great skill in military tactics, grew and became the best police force in Tateus.

He's close to Quin, all of the old the Alcander members, Kaz, and Geo.
He used to be close to Tyro and Victor.

(His departure from the Alcander left his where-abouts mysterious. Many believe he is traveling, passing good knowledge and wisdom, or dead.)

Sum it up:
Age: 10 years
Breed: Alaskan Malamute
Position: Ex-Commander of the Alcander
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