Toy Girls - Shelf Series 54: Rin Picture

Sorry for not posting anything yesterday: it was my Graduation Party. I went to church, got my diploma, and even had a great party. But now I’m here bringing you another work for The Shelf Series of my project of Toy Girls. So let’s begin!

Even if nowadays I’m not an otaku in the slightest, Anime has been of my biggest influences. My Favorite Fictional Work of All, “Fullmetal Alchemist”, is one, and it has my Favorite Hero of All Time, Edward Elric; even if it’s not the kind of story I consume the most right now, the “Continuous Tale” is the archetype I used when I imagine my own shows; I just love the idea of the openings and endings; and I’m in love with the designs it had proposed; also, Hentai is so tempting. While American Animation was still fighting to be something more than a Kids Show, during my childhood and teen years I could enjoy a lot of stories with serious stories, plenty of violence and unforgettable characters; and also some Sex Jokes. For example, in Mexico, the Most Beloved Animated Series for plenty of generations is “Dragonball Z”. However, this time I would like to talk about another anime I have loved a lot, and I still remember with some joy until this day. For this Saturday after my Graduation:

Rin, from “Inuyasha”.

A lot of people have forgotten of what a Giant Hit “Inuyasha” once was. It was the most popular anime from Toonami, both here in Mexico and USA, plenty of people, including a ton of kids, watched it, and it was the Favorite in a lot of Otaku_Related stuffs like magazines. Often considered like the Magnus Opus of Rumiko Takahashi, which also bring another Big Favorite for Mexicans, “Ranma 1/2”, it was amazing…AND I ACTED LIKE A STUPID HATER BACK THEN.

At the star, the Big Fan of this Show, which actually loves it until this day, was my big sister, which always pestered my with how much she loved this show, and, wanting to be the antithesis of her (I was a really stupid Little Brother), I tried to reject this show the most I could.

However, after a long time of my sister enjoying this show, and even all my classmates at my school, when I was in 4° GRADE, told e that this was a Motherfucking Great Show, I finally surrended and give it a try…JUST TO FELL IN LOVE WITH IT.

“Inuyasha” was a really great show: a really original story, a really well built complex mythology, memorable characters you end up loving so much, a great animation, amazing Opening and Endings, and, yes, VIOLENCE AND NUDITY; a lot, lot, lot, lot, lot of VIOLENCE and SEXUALITY, even if they censored the blood by painting it black, but letting a 15 years old girl, with a skirt shorter than a napkin, appearing naked and being groped plenty of times.

Yes, like a really immature kid, I enjoyed a lot the violence porn and sexual situations this show gave me, feeling challenged and treated like an adult, but the story and characters was still good. I still remember the hybrid monster Inuyasha with his sword and steel claws, the main character Kagome, who was the reincarnation of a Japanese Priestess and love interest of Inuyasha (who has to be renamed “Aome” here in Mexico because her original named sounded like “I shit!”), and sometimes can be a really immature Anime Bitch (but sometimes she was a really great character), the monster extarminator of Sango, who has little brother controlled by the main villain, the Orphan Fox Boy Shippo, the Pervert Monk Miroku, who has a black hole on his hand, thanks to the villain, and of course, the Main Villain Himself, Naraku, one of the Best Antagonists of All Time.

I even remember that I had to watch this show with my sisters in its Midnight Marathons, because CN tried at all cost to prevent kids from watching this show; SPOILERS ALERT, that didn’t work. I even recorded the episodes on VHS to watch them over and over, especially for the Miroku Grope Scenes.

Even if I indeed loved this show, and even drew Inuyasha, the main character sometimes, I grew up of it. It finally stopped airing, being replaced by “Yu Yu Hakusho”, which I proceeded to watch and enjoy, and then I discover other animés thanks to the infamous “Animax”, like my big love “Fullmetal Alchemist”.

However, even if I really won’t give it a second watch, I’m still thankful for having enjoying it. It was a really inspiring tale with characters I won’t ever forget, like Rin.

Yeah, one of the Main Antagonists, for a while, was Inuyasha’s Brother, Sesshoamru, which wanted to kill him at all cost because his father gave him the sword he always wanted. After losing an arm, it was obvious he will continue his quest to have his brother’s severed head on a shelf. However, one episode Rin appeared.

She was an orphan mute girl who found Sesshomaru wounded in the forest, so, not knowing what kind of monster was, both literal and figuratively. So, she tried to nurse him by bringing him food and checking him up, even if this asshole kept telling her to go fuck herself.

However, the tragedy strikes again, and this little girl was killed. So, was it the ned of her? No! You see: Sesshomaru didn’t got the Coolest Sword, the Tessaiga, which Inuyasha got, but he indeed got a way better one form his dad: the Tenseiga, which, still of chopping people up, it actually has the ability of Resurrecting People, and killing Spirits and other Creatures form the Other World. MY GOD! What are you jealous of, Sesshomaru?! You can make billions of dollar with that weapon, not only resurrecting, but also as a kind of Excorcist.

So, even if he wanted to act like a Marlo Brandon, Sesshomaru actually grew quite of a fond for Rin because of her caring. So, he said “What the fuck?!” and resurrected this little girl with his sword. After this, Rin, along Jaken, followed Sesshomaru in his quest, even if this way obviously was way thirstier for blood than a starving mosquito.

Now, putting the story aside, Rin was a really well written kid character. Instead of being an annoying bat who always complained and need to be saved 24/7, Rin ended up as a really cute and adorable child.

Of course she was defenseless, but, considering how grateful she was with Sesshomaru, she tried at all cost to not piss him off, by obeying him in everything he ordered her and not being a dead weight.

Even if she wasn’t a Mabel Pines, she was a great help to the story: she was the element which turned Shesshomaru into a more likeable and more benevolent character. She actually sparked a Philanthropic Feeling in this monster, giving him a more “human side” and a person to protect. Thanks to her we could connect a lot more with this guy, and we started to slowly seeing him more like and Anti hero than a villain.

She know when to be cute, when to shut up, and how to improve the story. So, I just had to draw Rin as a Toy Girl at all cost.

For her outfit, I of course choose the Japanese Dress she wore when she jkoined to Sesshomaru. It’s so pretty, but it was a fucking pain in the ass to make. Forget the squares, the lifted sleeve was a Hell. I needed a friend of mine so he could draw me the folds. I owe him a lot.

For the scene, I remember one of the most beautiful endings of this show, which ended with the protagonists sitting on the grass, at night, to see the fireflies. So, I decided to put Rin playing with some of these insects while kneeling on the ground. I just love it!

Until this day, I still consider Anime like one of my biggest muses. Even if I don’t consume it anymore, when I finally can start making animated series, I want to use them as a standard. I want complex openings and endings, serious stories, designs under that style, etc. Soon I will add more Anime Girls to The Shelf Series, because “Cuteness shall last”.

If you like this work, please leave a comment, and, if you feel like that, I will love if you share it, to make this project grow. Please, visit the Official page in Facebook for more information. Here mickeyelric11, giving you the thanks.

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