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Okay, here are the inspirations for my Native American Wolf-themed hero, Wild Teen, aka Grover Darkwood.


Jiro/Garulu (Kamen Rider Kiva): Okay, he's a small part, but I did get a basic idea of his more current design. Plus his ability to change from human to wolf is sort of like his (Only without the scratching part)

Nightwolf (Mortal Kombat): Okay, a bit more from him. HIs spirit animal, his shaman-like magic and his mystical powers all came form me playing Mortal Kombat as Nightwolf.

Thunderbird (Marvel): More of his physical powers and the fact that that there ARE Native American super heroes helped me get a good idea on how to make Wild Teen the way he is.

Garfield Logan/Beast Boy (DC Comics): Some of his more easy-going part of his personality is from Beast Boy, but that's about it with him.

Tarzan (Book and Disney): His wild tendencies, the fact he was protected by an animal during child hood and his ability to communicate with animals came from Tarzan's basic idea. Besides, he's a wild man. What are you going to do?

Artemis (Greek Mythology): I got the idea for his hunting skill and use of knives from stories of Artemis.

the wolf: his animal spirit is the wolf, and he has the same nobility and loyality as a wolf would have. Not to mention in his Skin-Walker form, he has gained all of the other parts of a wolf's physical form.

The Skin Walker (Navajo Legends): Okay, I noticed that these kind of Were-creatures are kind of rare in today's pop culture. So I decided to do some justice to them and make a whole group of warriors based on these legendary creatures. Heck, I even got the idea for the animal skin or items being the source of his magical powers.

I own NONE of these characters besides Wild Teen. Hope you enjoy it.
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