Still a little brat. Picture

Yes, folks, Tales of Okasan is still a thing. In many ways, I'm glad it's taken me this long to submit any work; problems kept arising regarding not only in the lore, but especially the storytelling direction. Thankfully, after some years of development, it looks like something solid can be worked with.

At current, I'm aiming for an art style suitable for the mythological feel that is the "Okasan" verse. I no longer fear for the furry stigma, but I do want this work to appeal to the high fantasy audience in general. I'm practicing on how to make my animal characters' faces look like the species they represent. Madahon (Slave no. 1721 in the "Echoes of Silence" comic), for instance, is inspired by the faces of miscellaneous puppies to contrast adults that surround him.

In general, the story has gone through a very different approach. The goal will be to deconstruct many conventions often seen in fantasy epics, primarily that of the child hero. Thus, it is very essential that Madahon starts the story as a very young boy.

More to come.

Tales of Okasan is © Salathiel Silva.
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