Hogvengers Picture

So yeah.. I was really obsessed with "The Avengers at Hogwarts!" fanart and fanfiction a while ago. So I made this. I might improve it/redraw it on my pc later, but for now, it'll just be like this.

If you're wondering why I sorted people the way I did:

Steve: I think his defining quality is bravery. Before he became a superhero he was already brave and I think that's what made him such a good hero. It wasn't the muscles that made him strong, but his bravery. I could see him as a Hufflepuff, that'd be alright with me, but ultimately, I think Gryffindor suits him better.

Thor: Thor was very obviour for me (Which might've something to do with me growing up with mythological Thor/Tor). Brave hero who gets in trouble for his recklessness, and doesn't really think before he acts, but ultimately has a good heart? Very Gryffindor.

Clint: Clint was harder for me, because I feel like we doesn't really get to know him. But his loyality to Natasha, which was mostly what we saw of him, decided it. Also, I really like the idea of a Hufflepuff being best friends with a Slytherin xD

Tony: The problem with sorting Tony is, that it isn't as much about which house he fits into, but more about which's qualities define him. I think you could argue for any house (perhaps not Hufflepuff) with him. But for me, it was pretty clear that he'd be a Ravenclaw. Perhaps a hatstall between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw, but stil a Ravenclaw. This is because Tony seems like he really, really enjoys being intelligent and using it. His superpower is - besides his money - his intellect. That's where his suit comes from!

Pepper: Pepper is included in this because 1) I really like her 2) I wanted there to be more than one woman on this drawing and 3) because she's the only love interest to appear in the Avengers movie. I had a really har time with her, because in many ways, I could see arguments for both Hufflepuff and Slytherin. But when considering it, I think a Hufflepuff would have dealt differently with Iron Man 2. And though ambitious, she didn't seem manipulative enough for a Slytherin. And thus, she ended in Ravenclaw.

Bruce: Obvious. I really can't see him anywhere else.

Hill: (included for similar reasons to Pepper) She was really difficult as well, because we doesn't really get to know her. But I considered it. In the scene where she addresses that Fury lied to the Avengers about Coulson's death, the fact that she addresses it show us that she doesn't like manipulation and that she isn't blindly loyal to Fury. When she doesn't argue with it, it shows us she isn't a Gryffindor either. So yeah, Ravenclaw.

Coulson: I don't know what to say. Seemed obvious. Dying for the team and all.

Natasha: I could not see her anywhere else.

Fury: Again, Coulson's death.

Loki: Duh.
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