Balong, The Bear King Picture

"Who the hell do i think you are?......

Who the hell DO YOU THINK you are, humans?!

For Gods?!

The creator of Beastmen was a human, right!
The Galaxy Saviour was a human, right!

But it is not allow you to decide the destiny of my people!

Come, humans! By hundreds! By thousands! Even by millions!

As long as i will live, not you, not Simon and not Kamina will threat my people and my race!

Because it is the duty of a king!

Balong, A huge and powerfull Bear-Beastman.
He is a king of a little Beastmen kingdom which is permanently threated by Gurren Lagann army extremists.

His story has begun after the defeat of Genome. He was enslaved by somes humans to work in a Fondery/Mine with other enslaved Beastmen. Humans have cut his left arm to instal a huge cybernetic arm for his work and enslaved more him.

But one day, he has made a rebellion with enslaved Beastmen. He has chased humans and has captured the fondery.

After looking of his followers, he has realised they've needed someone to protect them against humans, to teach them how to be organised to fight. So, he has decided to be the leader of his people.

Beastmen have kept the Fondery to make their buildings, weapons, fortifications and as it has born a new Beastmen Kingdom.

Since this day, Balong protect his kingdom with fury and devotion.

His Gunman is called "Behemot", the name of the most powerfull Mythologic Beast. A Huge Shining Black Gunnam with spaceships reactors installed on its foreamrs. it is allowed to Behemot to give monstruous punch attacks.

Balong consideres Simon and Kamina like heroes, it is undeniable but he considers them too like the proof that humans have no limits, especially in moral.

Balong has a great contempt to Kamina. For him, he was just an arrogant and mad dump who had a great power by chance.
He thinks too that Kamina didn't fight for his humans followers but for his "self-proclaimed" god statue.

Balong is one of the three Mighty Beasts, the stronger but not the powerfull.
He has not the passion and the fury of Girimgir. This last runs a crusade against all humans, especially Gurren Lagann followers, who threated Beastmen.
Balong has a great respect of Girimgir but he think this last goes too far.

So, in this picture, it is Balong who posing on the shoulder of Behemot after destroying a DGLA (Dai Gurren Lagann Army) communication tower which has been installed too near of his kindgom.

Author comment: Yes, i hate Gurren Lagann, i hate Simon and especially i hate Kamina.
Perhaps for you who watching my fanart, i'm an OVNI to not like an anime like GL.

But it is just my things and i'm proud to say it, that's all.
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