Chosen Night ref street Picture

this MLP fanart is based after second generation of My Little Pony
this one is a fanart OC

Name: - Chosen Night

- Night, Devil(by them there fear him)

Father - Raknaroc
Mother - ??? (Alacorn/magical)
Siblings - Helbli, Narfe & Svadilfare(older half-siblings)
Mate -
Outspring -

Abilities: - make dark fire
magic goes under the category 'Night healer'


MLP backcard Personality
- (he is an OC)

FW giving Personality
- fear his Jotun nature more than ever
- want to be social, but fear for others safety
- always try to do the right thing
- very feared


FW Giving

- he is an original FW figure
- Chosen Night is very feared because he is a horse mix breed between two of the most powerful horse breed. the Alacorn for its high magic, horn and wings and the cannibalistic Jotun horse
- he has two horns because of his Jotun gene, they usually have up to three horns
- Chosen Night don't have enough magical horse blood to be born with a flank mark, but his Alacorn blood make him still available to use magic
- Chosen Night use to be just a black magical horse with star looking fur and is born without a flankmark. with time he is recreated to be a dangerous mixbreed

Original figure -->

Chosen Night is surely my first OC from My little pony G2 and you can call him an anti hero; because deep down inside of him... he is a horse eater like the other Jotun horses.

you will probably ask me; what is a Jotun horse. it is more or less a OC horse but the horse is mostly taken form Nordic mythology. if you have seen Thor you will know that there is something called Frost Giants. those is called Jætter on my language and can be better 'English' translated to Jotun.
so Jotun is a Giant horse... but these horse is horse killer and even cannibals.
I will show few of them here later

you can maybe see why Chosen Night is feared, not because of his personality. oh no, it because he can have a hunger for horse meat and even see friends as food someday.
btw, he is a head bigger than the other horses, making him maybe more intimidating to look at

please don't steal his design since he is original mine
Horse/art/style - Fableworld

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