Benin Flute player Picture

This piece was just to help me get used to inking and watercolor pencils. I did it on regular crappy paper so it's all warped and stuff. I got the idea from looking in an African art book and said to myself, self, I think this might have been what some dudes on the west coast of the mother land might have worn. Since there is a lot of historical info on early clothing and cultures around the world ( *cough, japan, cough*) I think it would be pretty cool to find out more about ancient clothing and culture from were many of us African Americans originated from. And there is such a great well of stories, mythology and heroes that I think would be positive for the childrens. I guess I'ma have to learn how to actually draw and get my lazy booty working on something. man this is long. If there's any peoples hailing west Africa, I appologize for my African American ranting but the only heroes we really learn about are the civil rights leaders and poets, Muslim leaders and if we lucky, the black panthers. Harriet Tubman thought, she was the hot isht. I'm gonna stop typing now before I spell anybody elses name wrong. Peace
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