Dark Death Picture

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Squee! I haven't submited art in such a long time... Hmm... This was the person I dressed up as for Halloween (a colored version of something I submited earlier)... But no one knew who I was... ^__^; Muwahahaha! It kinda reminds me of Witch Hunter Robin, but that could be just me... But I love the colors... Wait, maybe it's too dark... I wouldn't know - I'm not a Photoshop pro... <__<;;; ... But I like the little fog stuff going on...

T__T ~ but it took me so frekking long!!! =__=

Full view please! Otherwise everything looks like crap. Hold on, it looks like crap anyway... -_- ... The poem in the picture is something I came up with a long time ago, but never incorporated in a pic until now...

Yulrako's an original character for a story I've just about given up on... I promised to give a detailed account about her background... So, what exactly is her story?

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Yulrako is alive in a world that is being taken over by demons and evil/tainted humans alike. There is little difference between the two when they start hungering for power.

Yuu-chan was kidnapped when she was just a little child, her family brutally murdered for the fun ot it. She was rescued by an unknown force that brought her out of her sufferings and turmoil. She was able to return to the world that continued to live on without her. However, the tramatic time spent as a captive took its toll on her for she was unable to heal her own emotional scars and live as a normal human being. Eventually (years later), the demons who have come to harm her have come back to finish her off.

Just as she is about to give up, the mysterious figure come to her again in her state of unconciousness, visiting her as her guardian angel. Whether this figure is a real angel or not, is up to the disgression of the audience. She is given extraordinary powers to hunt the forces tainting the world. She wakes up to find dead bodies aroud her - the murderers of her family - burned with strange runic markings that look vaguely familiar.

The illusionary figure appears before her and says,

"Darkness - we welcome you back into our midst..."

Yuu-chan is obviously confused, not knowing what her savior is talking about, so he elaborates further without giving her a real explaination.

"You are the Harborer of Destruction, the Bringer of Chaos and Death. It is your job to cleanse the world from the evil things that threaten to conquer it.

"Bring all things to an end, and push the Demons of the world back into the fiery depths of Hell..."

Then the figure disappears, leaving Yulrako with her thoughts racing through her mind...

The night passes, as well as the rest of the week. So far, nothing extraordinary is happening except for strange news reports. They claim that more and more bodies are mysteriously being found with ritualistic runes engraved or burned into their skin. But no one seems to be paying attention. People still continue to live on, unaware of the inner turmoil that is brewing in their very lives.

They don't notice a figure standing on top of a small apartment building, looking towards the center of the city. The scene closes with a monologue by Yulrako while the background fades to black and her face showing up in the darkness.

"And so starts the purging of the world.

This earth, tainted by the souls of demons, is crying out.

And I am the only one who can help it.

Who am I?

I am the Bringer of Chaos.

The Harborer of Destruction.

I am... Dark Death.

Judgement Day is coming.

Will you be ready?"

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So, how was the description? Was it okay? I was planning on making a manga-ish thing out of it, using what you just read as part of a prologue... From the looks of it, it's leaning toward the angst/horror side...

Lol... Still reminds me of WHR... BTW, I got most of this stuff during English class... I was sitting there when an idea suddenly came to mind - we were studying about Greek Mythology, the Hero's Journey, and the Tragic Hero. So yeah, I got a lot of elements from there... And a little thing from Batman if you haven't noticed during the ending... Oh yeah, and a Korean Drama called Gu Mi Ho... Ask questions if that didn't make any sense...

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