The Exorcist Picture

This is a drawing of one of my characters in PyrasTerran's superhero RPG "HEROES" [link]

His name is James Vittelius, but he is better known by his business 'penname,' The Exorcist. To summarize his origin, he was once a teenager who overdosed on drugs one night, and after staying dead for a while was resurrected by a cult. Reborn with supernatural powers, he took up a job as a mystic bount hunter/hitman of sorts, and he's had encounters with pretty much almost every concieveable mythological and cosmic entity in the HEROES universe.

The character derives most of his inspiration from Alan Moore's character John Constantine. Their personalities are roughly the same (though James is more colorful), and both share a similar uncaring attitude towards the world around them. Unlike Constantine however, James is skilled at and can wield extremely powerful magicks and arcane devices; in this regard he is powerful enough to be alongside Marvel's Dr. Strange. His most unique aspect is that he has the superhuman talent to create, alter, or completely negate any form of spell/ward/charm he comes into contact with simply by thinking about it. If you want a rough comparison, he is to magical spells what Forge from X-Men is to technology. Besides this, he also has a veritable fortress of wards supernaturally woven into him that gives him protection against most attacks, has mentally disciplined his mind enough to give him extreme resistance to psychic intrusion, and wields an armory of mystical devices and tomes. His sheer knowledge and association with almost every single major insitution and deity also gives him a decided edge as well.

The Exorcist's look is loosely based on John Constantine, but is more derived from the old punk rock bands from the late 60s and the 70s. He also has a decidedly noirish style to him similar to typical hardboiled detective characters from the pulp magazins and old movies from the early parts of the 20th Century.

Drawn using several varieties of pen. No pencil was involved at all!
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