Multiverse: Guardians of the Globe Picture

Earth-63 is a world watched over by the U.N.-assembled Guardians of the Globe. Made up of heroes from around the world, each a champion in his or her own right, the team stands ready against terrorists, rogue states, supervillains and threats from beyond the stars.

Cast Iron: A son of a Yugoslovian crime family, Milos Stojakovic left home at an early age, hoping to become better than one of his uncle's thugs. Now, he uses his power to transform his body into solid iron for good instead of crime.

El Chupacabra: A masked hero from Mexico, Francisco Vasquez is a champion of the sport of Lucha libre, or Mexican masked wrestling. While he has no powers of his own, Jose puts his lifetime of training in his sport to good use as a crime fighter.

Atom Eve: Samantha Eve Wilkins was born to Erias Brandyworth and an unnamed mother. During her birth, her powers would emit out of control, often emitting pink energy through her mother’s eyes. Her mother did not survive the birth process, but Samantha did. In order to use her as a weapon, Steven Erickson went to the hospital of her birth to retrieve her. Brandyworth faked Samantha’s death by using the miscarried fetus of Betsy Wilkins and Adam Wilkins, not allowing Erickson to fulfill his mission. Betsy and Adam Wilkins would become her new adoptive parents. Samantha possesses the power to alter the atomic structure of almost anything.

Le Bruiser: To all appearances an ordinary French bulldog, Bruiser is actually possessed of superhuman strength, invulnerable skin, super speed and a genius level intellect.

Yeti: A descendent of the great frost giants of Norse mythology,Yeti is one of the team's younger members. Discovered in a mad geneticist's private zoo, the Guardians gave Yeti a place to belong, and he now aides the team with his amazing strength and invulnerable skin.

Invincible: Half human and half alien, Mark Grayson is the son of famous alien hero Omniman. Possessing amazing physical strength, nearly invulnerable, and capable of flight, Mark has since taken his father's place as the world's greatest hero.

Best Tiger: Little is this known of this hero's origin, other than he was born in China. It is apparent he has had extensive military training, and most believe he could be a super soldier experiment or a Tong assassin. Tiger purposely handicaps himself by covering his eyes to increase his other senses.

Pegasus: Her real name unknown, Peg was the subject of a genetic experiment that gave her superhuman strength and a pair of majestic wings that allow her to fly.

Shapesmith: Shapesmith is a Martian, using his metamorphic abilities to disguise himself as astronaut Rus Livingston and fight crime. Nephew of the deceased hero Martian Man, Rus hopes to live up to his uncle's example.

Kid Thor: Hailing from Canada, Kid Thor comes from an old family line blessed by the Viking God of storms. When he holds the hammer that appeared to him on his sixteenth birthday, he gains superhuman strength, and the power to generate wind and lightning.
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