Demonata Oc: Blythe Stills 12-15 Picture

My Demonata Oc: Blythe Mary Stills.

Blythe Stills, is foul mouthed, stubborn, slightly sarcastic, impulsive, but still a caring bookworm who has bad social anxieties. She was a normal girl who lived in a small town and was going to move into a new city with her family, at least that's what she thought until a demon came into her life named Achilles Tendon (A demon that had the body of a bear, but had six blood red eyes, a long python snake for a tail, and huge human feet) and slaughtered her family, and was kidnapped and forced into the Demonata, she managed to escape from Achilles Tendon when she discovered she could perform magic. At first she wanted to escape the Demonata, until she realized; if she managed to escape where would she go? Her family was dead. She had nothing to loose. So instead, she decided to hunt down Achilles Tendon and avenge her families death. She wandered the Demonata for around a month fighting or hiding from demons, until she ran into Kernel and Beranabus. After a huge argument with them, she managed to convince Beranabus to let her be one of his disciples to let him teach her about magic in exchange she would put her hunt on hold and help him defeat demons that threatened to destroy the world but if they ever to come across Achilles Tendon then she would have the honours of killing the demon herself. While Blythe did loathe fighting and killing demons she managed to find four things she actually did like to help her keep her sanity and make her slightly happy in this hell she was living.

1. Using magic, Blythe loved fantasy, mythology and often imagined herself being sorceress growing up. If it weren't for the demons who wanted to torture and kill her, it would've been a childhood dream come true.
2. Beranabus she had great respect for him. (Though granted, she did think he was a little bit crazy).
3. Kernel Fleck, she REALLY liked him. He was the closest friend she had had in a long time. She often teased him with a silly nickname, calling him Colonel Kernel.
4. The night sky. When she was a younger kid her grandfather had told her stories about in ancient times people believed that the stars were the strongest and bravest of heroes who the gods rewarded by turning them into stars. Though she did believe it to be a just a myth at first. Ever since she discovered that demons and magic do in fact exist, she's not sure what to believe in anymore. And the idea just relaxes her a bit.

She travelled with Kernel and Beranabus for 21 years (time works differently in the Demonata realm) fighting demons and struggling to survive. They finally found the demon, and as promised she was on her own defeating it. It was a long a painful fight she lost her right arm and her left eye, but she managed to defeat it, unfortunately in order to kill it her own life was lost as well.
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