Sailor Delphinus Picture

Age: 20

A student before she became the keeper of the gate of Delphinus, Calypso is constantly focusing on learning and becoming more knowledgeable in the world. While friendly and personable once you can get past her bookish exterior, she seems more at home with animals - particularly those of the sea - than with anyone else. She likes to listen to new age music and nature sounds, and once had quite a collection of cds that played the sounds of the ocean to soothe herself to sleep. The people that do become close to her she regards as family and treats them as such. Despite her otherwise stand-offish nature, she is as steadfast and loyal as they come, and will do just about anything in her power to protect those she holds dear.

How do they open their gate: When Calypso blows into the horn, it creates a long, low, melancholy sound. Water rushes around her feet and legs as she transforms to her uniform, and the forms of six glittering dolphins - each looking like it is formed of stars - swim up and around her. As her transformation completes, the shimmering pod swims away behind her, cresting and diving, exploding into brilliant waves upon impact with the water. As each wave rushes up, they push open the Gate of Delphinus.

Crystal Spout - By blowing into the Queen's Horn, the melody created is answered by the clicking of what sounds like hundreds of dolphins. The ground beneath the target while begin to shake. All at once, the ground beneath the target will explode upward in a fantastic spray of superheated water.

Dolphin Call - A whistling sound through the Queen's Horn is answered by many dolphins whistling in reply. During this, tiny drops of water begin to gather on any nearby allies to heal mild-to-moderate injuries. Delphinus is not affected by the healing.

Celestial Cyclone - This attack, when called upon through a dramatic trill from the Queen's Horn, creates a storm of hot wind and water that seems to flow from the shell itself. This engulfs the enemy, both damaging and restraining them if it hits.

Siren Song - This haunting melodic attack causes affected targets to become enamored with her for a short period of time, distracting them and preventing attacks against her and her allies. The downside is that when it wears off, the target will be more inclined to attack her in particular.

Tailwalker - A series of playful chirps through the Queen's Horn leads into this attack. When activated, it increases the agility, balance, and speed of nearby teammates and herself, decreasing their chances of being hit or knocked down. Has a limited amount of time it will stay active.

Weaknesses: Calypso serves mostly in a support role and has few actual attacks to use in combat. She must rely on speed and agility, and she is no more quick or agile than the average girl who takes part in rigorous exercise unless she has activated Tailwalker.

History: The gate of Delphinus has had many guardians over the centuries, though most have been lost to time. The first guardian of the gate, however, is said to have been the Greek sea goddess Amphitrite herself, who passed the duty to women of noble lineage early in the gate's guardianship, and eventually to those who had strong ties to the ocean and its life... particularly of dolphins.

Calypso was born and raised in Sydney, Australia and grew up near the shore, where she saw dolphins quite frequently, playing in the waves. It was these beautiful, playful creatures that led her to a desire to become a marine biologist. She devoted herself to her studies and received high marks in school with hopes of being accepted into a good college. She graduated at 17, and at 18 enrolled in university. When she turned 20, she was offered a unique opportunity to do a work study program one summer at Sea World in Orlando, Florida in the USA...

How She Became a scout:
Sydney native Calypso was doing a work-study program at Sea World in Orlando, Florida one summer when her destiny took an unexpected turn. While in the dolphin tank, her supervisor got called away on an unexpected errand, inexplicably leaving her alone with the dolphins. She knew better than to question her good fortune, however, and set herself to the edge of the pool, stroking the melon of one of the larger females in the tank.

Though at first, everything was calm, all at once something struck the water with great force and the waters began churning violently as the dolphins began to react to the item. Against her better judgement, she dove in, and - aided by a couple of the larger dolphins - retrieved what appeared to be a crystal conch shell, fashioned into a horn of some kind.

She wasn't sure what to do at first, but the frenzied actions of the dolphins urged her on. Without really knowing why, instinct seemed to take hold and she blew into the conch shell's narrow tip like a horn. The shell made a low, long, melancholy sound that hung in the air with the excited chattering and clicking of the dolphins as Sailor Delphinus was born.

Friends: None yet, but always willing to meet new people.

Past Clubs: None, unfortunately. This'll be my first!

Fun Facts:
Calypso is the name of one of the sea nymphs in Greek Mythology, daughter of the Titan god Atlas. She was best known for her imprisonment of the Greek hero Odysseus on her island, with hopes of making him her immortal husband. In the end, she was ordered by Zeus to release him, and though she was unwilling, she could not deny the will of the Lord of the gods.

Bottlenose dolphins have an incredible range, and are extremely common around the coasts of Australia, which is why I picked this particular location for Calypso's hometown.

Why is the shell called the Queen's Horn? Because the type of shell it is is called a queen conch.



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