Otherworldly Infection Banner Picture

On fanfiction dot net, I'm currently writing a story called The Angel's Promise. This banner is something I created for the pending sequel to that story.

Otherworldly Infection.

It's going to be a Super Smash Bros. Brawl story, mixed with the ELEMENTS (not a full crossover) of Resident Evil. When I say elements, I refer to the virus and monsters and, of course, zombies. (DUHHH!!) No characters, though.

It will also contain a somewhat "sequel" to the game Kid Icarus. I'm going to try and remain faithful to the whole Greek Mythology idea, but the traditional "revival with the blood of a hero" bores me to tears. I'm going to try a different approach with this story.

I made this using Windows Paint. (O.o WTF??) I got the letters from batteredrose.com and recoloured them ALL to be a decent shade of red. Then I positioned the letters in the right position and made the background black. A pretty simple thing to do, and yet, I still love this to death.

By the way, if any REAL artists feel up to the challenge of drawing my character from The Angel's Promise, I'll have her bio up real soon.
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