Drift Wing/Einzhelle Lore, Vessels Picture

I guess I'm finally getting back to Drift Wings. Bout damn time 8U So I guess this is my answer to 'gods' for them? It was a topic that had come up before, and I didn't really have a definitive answer-UNTIL NOW~! SO read below to understand what 'Vessels' in Einzhellean lore is.

'Vessels', are something of figures in Einzhelle's mythology with a curious aspect. They seem to fill multiple niches in mythology and culture all across Einzhelle, though the most common appears to be something akin to gods, however it can range to stories of Vessels being likened to witches, heros, tricksters and so on. At their core though, Vessels are referred to as such, due to their core nature, in that they are something of 'living vessels' or holders and wielders of magic, nature, the cosmos, and so on, depending on their affinity.

Some Vessel figures are born with their abilities, passed down from their parents or even in some stories simply came into existence complete with their powers. Others earn or gain their powers, either by grace of already existing Vessels, ancient artifacts, books, or even trickery. Another curious fact about these Vessels is they do not always take on the form of a Drift Wing, some taking the form of native animals of Einzhelle, such as Lougou or even in some cases as the mysterious creatures of fantasy, such as Tieragants.

Curiously with Drift Wing Vessels, in most cases they are predominantly Throwbacks or exhibit some Throwback trait, the most common being the folded wings of our ancestors. No one is sure why, though it could tie in with superstition and mistrust of Throwbacks that date back to the earliest recorded history of them no longer being the majority on Einzhelle-such mistrust of course, stemming from the belief that Throwbacks on their own were wild and feral because of their Throwback status, and therefore a danger to others.

Drift Wings are a CLOSED species that belong to me, please do NOT make your own!

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