Toy Girls - Catalogue Series 75: Jazz Fenton Picture

I’m glad I’m finally back at schedule. This will be a pretty hard weekend: I had two projects to finish, one for this Sunday, and another one for Monday. But before all that, here I give you another work for The Catalogue Series. I’m mickeyelric11 and this is Toy Girls!

Even if a particular Fictional Work, that doesn’t mean that it can’t have a t least 1 remediable thing. When we tag a TV Show, or any piece of entertainment, as “bad”, it’s not always because it is 100% shit, but because it got more bad stuffs than good ones, and we consider it worthless. However, here’s the gimmick: most of the time, plenty of bad Fictional Works have some good elements that we can enjoy. This is my case with this show, which gave us this marvelous character, and even in a young form. For this Saturda:

Jazz Fenton, her kid version, from “Danny Phantom”, a special request for my great friend, and great fan of my artwork,

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