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Upon the Brandy and Monica's song.

Because I used to like Smallville (and find Kristin Kreuk pretty) but too much is too much, you must admit it when you're forced into a mary sue trip.

(Smallville Lana is a irremediable one according to the test!)

It's like writers just could'nt face it: Clark kent 's girl is Lois.Period.

It not seems to be clear.Remember the X mas episode where Lana was married to Lex (why not).But in the same alternate future, Clark was...with Chloe.Waw.Everything is good for avoid the truth.What on earth do scenarist have against Lois?She is certainely not a Sue but a ordinary woman in Smallville. (unlike Lana that have a model for body double for instance....and was a cheerladder, a prom queen,loved by several men and ....women,can handle a coffee management and school, and go in prestigious art school or study astronomy .....)

But for God sake: I don't care if you're not follow the comics exactely (Martha still alive, Lex at first the best friend and already rich, Pete afro american, Chloe apparition ...) I have also admitted that those Pete and Lana would certainely not get married.

But: there some points you just cannot skip, it's not accurate stuff, it's mythology.(like the glasses , costume and Superman stuff actually)

Just see: the image use the comics book, the two TV shows, the 80' s movies and the 2000's one, the 30's and 90's cartoon, etc.

And the point each time, Lois is Mrs Right.So why is Lana treated exactly as she was? I know you never forget your first, but in such a way, Lana seems to be the only one, too...

I found it more and more disturbing, Clark keeps on saying " You're my only, I'm sure we're made for each other , I love you since childhood and I always will" etc...even after meeting Lois.How can he'll be trust if he ends up with someone else, then.And it destroy one of my OTP dammit!!! (you'll believe it, if I say the real Lana look like Chloe , a good friend that loved Clark platonically?)

Wake up: Clark is not Spiderman, Lana is not her Mary Jane, the neighbour he loves since childhood and he 'll get married with.

I could have put up with, when they split up (voluntary)at season 7.But she came back again, become a super hero too (wtf????) and they date again til part only because he could'nt touch her anymore because of kryptonit.O_O

Seems like: "I'll get Lois 'cause I can't get better , but if Lana was available again, I'll run straight to her."

Ruins everything....I wish he would have chosen Lois clearly, because she's Lois, and broke up with Lana defenitively and with all free will.

....the real plot, you know.
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