Jump! Jump! Jump! Picture

What to do, if the rain does not come and your lands suffer under a drought?
Heres the answer: Take the young and beautiful princess of your clan and throw her, (usually put into some sexy cloth, dunno why), into the next active volcano, that is just happened to be there near your home. (LOL...) While princess becomes grilled the high priest prayer to the Great Bosawuwu, who now will have the, (now dead and burned to ashes), princess as his wife and asks for rain. - Great right? Is it only me, who thinks that is stupid? Especially because you waste such cute girls lives and kill them? Religion is weird...

So, this is my newest work. Took me about 5 hours, even with some help by a reference. Ref was a pic of a girl standing on a plank on a pirates ship. XD) I hope you like this and that some hero may appear to save this girl.

Have a nice time. And I hope, you like it an comment much.
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