The brain, the leader, the proud one Picture

Oh, guess what? YES, another mage! This, personally, is one of thefavourite characters I created (long story). He's 12 and is very intelligent, clever, smart, arrogant and proud. He doesn't like being called "boy" 'cause he thinks he's a grown up adult. He used to direct a Mage Academy, indeed he was the Archmage, but the tower collapsed in the enemy's hands. Now he's trying to get back everything he's lost... even though he's only 12.
I love this child!
I really wanted to draw him after I saw a pic in tumblr that you can see in here… (I do not own it). I used as a model for his hands, which are always something hard to draw.
In the middle of his belt you can see the celtic "triskel", which means, I think, eternity. I'm really fond of celtic symbols and mythology.

This was very fun to paint, it was a good practice! I will try to catch up with the Game of Thrones pic series if I can and colleger let me...
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