Emery Picture

Name; Emery
Species; Black mamba/unknown constrictor hybrid naga
Gender; male
Age; unknown

Some history and facts; Emery was created by Seth, the Egyptian god, as a high ranking servant to spread his words and command. One day, after hibernating for a long time, he woke up to two men fighting using magic, and tried to intervene, knowing his Master liked magical people on his side. Instead he got hit with two powerful magical blasts, turning him from his original snake form into his current naga form. When he recovered both from the damages and the shock from the new transformation he also learned he was free of his Master’s control, unable to hear or link mentally with the god anymore. He soon learned that he could use the magic now in his body to turn fully into a human, and started to live among them, learning how to act and what to do to blend in from many people and cultures. He, like his old master, loved control and power, and to be feared by those below him. As time passed and magic, gods and mythological beasts was forgotten he moved to the big cities, enjoying life there while taking over and controlling the underground, criminal networks and even the mafia. In his chosen city he is the hidden overlord, the one that the leaders of individual criminal groups speak too when doing crimes or other things. If they don’t, they know his punishment is hard and merciless. Despite being a bad guy and often controlling in most parts of his life, he loves to flirt and charm women, and the stronger willed they are the better. He is also not above playing around with males, though he is more picky there. Making himself liked in the downtown areas of his city is something he have also been working on, helping to fond a new school and houses in those areas. Being a curious person he will always check new stuff out, and even fight to look at it first. His mood is mostly calm, charming and sometimes playful, but if angered he will change into his naga form, or his snake naga form, and when he does he will often kill or badly hurt whatever angered him. He have often fought heroes in his area, though mostly he tries to avoid fighting, mostly because it will destroy his city too much. He has been given the nickname Black Mamba by the news.

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