Leo von Braveheart Picture

I think I'll make these doodles whenever I make a new character. Just for practice is all. X)

Anyways, meet Leo von Braveheart from the "Dawn Over Dusk" universe.

He is recognised in Artie's world as one of the greatest heroes who ever lived. But only in the public eye.

In reality, Leo is a man who lives entirely on his image; a pompous, false hero who is wrongly deserved.
He is a spineless wimp who has no fighting experience, however he builds up his upper body muscles and large physique to make himself look intimidating and as though he has been through many a battle. Even with a hefty appearance, Leo still can't help but quiver at the thought of a dreadful monster being close to him.
Nobody knows how exactly Leo manages to defeat his enemies with ease (and by that I mean I haven't come up with a reason yet as to how he pulls it off.)

Leo glorifies in his image, and does his best to make himself look like a hero as much as possible, such as embossing lion head designs into his armour and even changing his name to Leo von Braveheart, as simple but as dextrous a name it is. Nobody is aware of his real name (and I don't even know what it is yet. XP)

In the Dawn Over Dusk story, he plays the role as Artie's idol and the main objective of the story. With Artie lacking a father figure and hero in his life, he looks up to Leo as he is also swayed by his false image, thinking that he is a real hero, and buys as much of his merchandise as he can.

When the time comes that Artie meets real danger as his entire village is destroyed and all the people are kidnapped, he feels hopeless, but after some conciliation, Artie believes the best course of action is to find Leo von Braveheart and warn him of the danger that has plagued his town. Thus beginning his adventure!

Let me know what you think of Leo's design, his character and his name. I would love to hear your feedback! ^-^

Leo von Braveheart © *The-Quill-Warrior
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