Disney Cavaliers Picture

Featured from left to right: Hercules, Tonto, Robin Hood, Beast, Captain Jacksparrow, Aladdin, Baymax, Abu, Hiro, Lone Ranger, Tarzan, Peter Pan, Stitch, and Tinkerbell.

I thought it would be cool to make a heroic team involving Disney characters you might recognize. Behold--the Disney Cavaliers!!

I upgraded each character's appearance to match what it would be like to see them in a live action movie. To reduce the similarities in attire of Robin Hood and Peter Pan I used the appearance of Peter Pan based on the source material of J. M. Barrie's play and novel of the same name, while still retaining his animated Disney counterpart's red hair. I also changed the appearance of Hercules to resemble more closely to the majority of his appearance in mythology as he is usually not portrayed as a clean shaven champion in the original Greek myth tales, while at the same time I still wanted him to look younger, so I shortened his facial hair for that reason. For Baymax, I added a full helmet to conceal his head and face to make it questionable for audiences whether he resembles his original appearance in the 1998 comic series of Big Hero 6 or his Disney-fied appearance. It's a long story for the rest of the altered characters, so I hope you like this fan artwork I made!
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