The Kildare Wank, AKA Catholic England- Micro Map Picture

So this is a micro of my current project, which will feature a world map and an enlarged Ireland map, both set on the same date. The main POD's are firstly that the Lordship of Ireland stays under the jurisdiction of the Earl's of Kildare (I've done a map of this before, this is the spiritual successor of that), and secondly that England stays Catholic under Arthur Tudor, with the Tudor's themselves eventually becoming something of a branch of the Spanish Hapsburgs, along with their Austrian cousins.

The current year is 1658. This series is Irish centric and I will go into further detail once the main map is posted, however unless you have much interest in Irish history none of what I have to say on Ireland will mean anything to you. The light green states are the minor Gaelic chieftains who whilst under the de jure control of England and the Pale really couldn't give a flying fuck about the Sassenach's. The major Gaelic Lords (or Kings as they insist) are the O'Donnell's, in yellow, the MacCarthy's in beige (I think it's beige anyway) to the south, and of course the greatest Lords of the Gaels are the O'Neill's of Ulster. Tracing their lineage back to the ancient Kings and heroes of mythology, by rights they should rule the entire island. Their main rivals/allies/technical overlords are the Anglo-Norman Earls. Or rather Anglo-Irish, after 500 years of isolation, warfare and interbreeding the only thing separating the Norman conquerors from their Irish subjects is their tendency to live in rotting castles. Then there's also the "Germantowns" along the West Coast, made of of exiled German, Dutch, French and English Protestants with the cash to pay for their liberties, and also the Gallowglass "colonies" in Antrim, made of up exiled Scottish Catholics from the Highlands and Islands. They're very much in touch with their Gaelic roots.

Speaking of Scotland, they are one of the few Protestant nations left, and their being surrounded by angry Catholics really shows. They're like an enlightenment era North Korea, only with less famines. With no Reformation influence on nobility coming from England the Reformation in Scotland was very much driven by the lower classes and the clergy. The French tried to intervene, however they came to blows with the English over the matter as they were trying to mount an invasion as well. By time anything was worked out the reigning Stuart was already in exile in Paris, with one of his more spineless cousins on the throne and under the thumb of a council of nobles and preachers.

Since then that change over 100 years ago they've had five wars the English, often with the assistance of the Swedes, Welsh/Northern Rebels and on one occasion a Calvinist French king.

Also the Outer Hebrides was annexed by England a few wars ago. They're technically under London's direct rule, but Dublin has been acting as the middle man due to their experience in dealing with Gaelic clans.

The red area in Wales is still under occupation after a rebellion 20 years ago. The young Prince of Wales had attempted to marry a noblewoman from Germany, who just so happened to be Lutheran. Protestantism was quite strong throughout the valleys, especially when compared to Ireland or eastern England, and considering current tensions throughout England an attempted assassinated on the Crown Prince really lit a powder keg.
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