See What It Feels Like... Picture

Yay I finally got it uploaded.
I have to figure out how to get my new scanner to scan a little came out really dark.

Anyway, here's some concept art as well as a piece for My 50 Song Challenge ( [link] ), of a character from a pretty old story of mine that has recently been rekindled thanks to super hero games and movies.... *cough Kickass & Marvel vs. Capcom cough*

Anyway...minus all my blabber...this is Wrath, from my Short Story '7"s - The Mathematics of Mythology' which I am currently re-writing and illustrating...who knows, I might even upload it.

Won't give too much away, except that it involves Sins, Virtues and some pretty interesting and Unlikely Super Heroes...and Wrath is one of them.

This depicts a younger version of her than what appears in the story, probably in her later University years.

Her hair is meant to be red. =3 (And currently on Fire...)

The song quote I kept hearing in my head while re-creating this character is the awesome quote from Coldplay's "Lovers in Japan/Reign of Love"

"Keeping my head down, to see what it feels like now, I have no doubt, one day the sun will come out"

Done in Mechanical Pencil, Lightened in Corel Painter 11
Wrath & 7"s belong to me
Lovers in Japan/Reign of Love copyright Coldplay

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