Jazmin Shemima Picture

Name: Jazmin Shemima

Age: 18

Species: Wingless Ruffgriff

Kind: Anthro

Occupation: Royal Sorceress of Trodain

Alignment: Good

Likes: Kendrix, books, her king and queen, hope, churches, heroes, mythology

Dislikes: Evil, darkness, dark magic, villainy, corruption, sorrow, ruthlessness

Personality: Kind, caring, wise, helpful, protective, loyal, responsible, reasonable

Skills: Advanced magic, knowledge of magic and myhtology, peak wisdom and senses, alchemy, puzzle-solving, wildian communication, multilingualism

Weapon:Magic staff

Fighting style: Jazmin uses her staff for various spells and abilities against her enemies as well as a walking stick. She professionally casts psychic, light, elemental, and healing spells, but refuses to use any dark magic spells.

Appearance: long white and pink dress , long black hair, pink bow, blue cape, carries this staff, silver fur

Relationships: Kendrix (boyfriend), King Renante, Queen Medea (service, family figures), Thallwar, Nis, Ryangar, Arden, Toruk, Celyf, Esttas, Nachtin, Sier, Whiden, Rebel (close friends)

History: Jazmin lost her parents at a young age, but was taken in by King Renante and Queen Medea to be their royal sorceress. She meet Kendrix after saving the kingdom from a powerful rogue knight, and it was love at first sight between the two of them. As she stays to be Renante and Medea's royal sorceress, she does aid Kendrix whenever he needs her help. (More info later.)

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