DnD- the Primal Chimera Picture

Another picture I made of the monstrous Gods of my Zaldor Dungeons and Dragons campaign based off of the spawn of Typhon from Greek mythology.
This is the Chimera, a monster part lion, part goat and part snake. Unlike the standard Chimera, this monster has only one head and no wings, and has the tail of a snake rather then a dragon. It still breathes fire something fierce. It doesn't have a mane, because the Chimera is supposed to be female, and I dropped the mane to emphasize it, despite the fact it traditionally had a mane like a male lion.
The Chimera of Zaldor, sometimes called the Primal Chimera to distinguish it from the breed of monsters known as Chimeras, is a fierce creature with a bit of a mean side. A fearsome predator, the Chimera attacks with flame breath and vicious jaws. Its tail is long and powerful, able to swat at foes and prey, and it is an extreme runner and jumper.
Like its siblings, the creature is a goddess by birth, and so is beyond the powers of mortal heroes to fight. It does however create aspects that allow mortal spellcasters to summon a lesser version of it when necessary. Since it does not have many worshippers, it allows clerics of other faiths that have formed pacts with it to summon an Aspect of the Primal Chimera.
The Primal Chimera is worshipped primarily by evil Chimeras and other Chimeric creatures. It embodies ferocity and strength, but also the element of fire.
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