OC Universes 3 Picture

The third group of universes I've made.

Rise of Kudlak
I used to frequent a Persona RP group, where I created Norio Soichi, whose persona was Kudlak. When the group died, I kept using the Kudlak/Kresnik mythology and gave it a different spin. I'm only showing off 2 characters here, but I have developed more: Kresnik's reasoning to force a whole country into submission just to stop Kudlak, Kresnik's host who becomes crazy with order and punishment when Norio (possessed by Kudlak) killed his father, and that guy's ex-girlfriend, who ends up siding with Norio. The idea is to make it impossible to root for anyone at all, since Kresnik, the supposed good guy, is obsessed with revenge and destruction to preserve order, while Norio, who tries to give the power to the people, does it by questionable methods. One included using his mind control powers to abduct over 50 young girls to lure Kresnik and his forces.

Colossal Pal
This is probably my oldest pair of OCs that I still try to tweak. At one point, I wanted to make a comic that parodied Shadow Of the Colossus, where one of them actually became a friend. While the hero would try to defeat the colossi like in the game, the friendly one would always get in the way, making stuff a lot harder than it should have been. Nowadays, the story begins more or less the same way, but the tools to fight the giants are different, the "colossi" are made of different elements, the land has varying gravity, and the friendly one, Grip, is not as slow as one would expect.

Hell's Evening News
Made this one within this year too by picking random words and trying to make a story on the go. The idea was to make something not-so-combatish as I usually do, and I ended up using Disgaea as a main influence. Now, I ended up with a news reporter that loves fanfiction and that can predict a certain future. But rather than accepting it, she goes into silly adventures and tries to manipulate the humans into doing something completely different. I haven't thought well about the scenarios, but consider a sitcom where people try to make a pair get together, only for one of those persons falling for a completely different one. That kind of stuff, but applied to popular people, governments and so on.
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