Tchal-kouyrouk Picture

I am currently planning to do a trio of painting about my favourite mythological horses. Here is number 4, Tchal-Kouyrouk, the steed of the kyrgyz hero Er-Toshtuk. Tchal-Kouyrouk has the particularity of being more intelligent than its rider, and to not hesitate to tell him. When the soul of Toshtuk was stolen, and hidden, many adventures followed. In one of the last, it is discovered that the soul of Toshtuk has been hidden in a black evil cauldron (a demon in truth if I remember well) covered by snakes, in the bottom of a lake. Who goes there to fight against the evil cauldron? Of course, the he... what? the horse???!!? Yeah, basically, Tchal-Kouyrouk defeats the demon, and after nearly losing his life, brings back the cauldron and his master's soul. BEST.HORSE.EVER!!!!

Edit: finally scanned
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