Lesson Two Picture

I wasn't planning on howdying on this bandwagon but I had to do it for *whitetrashpalace's semi-realism class and I was surprised to find how illuminating and FUN it was to do this.

1.) owls, literature, Yamamoto, Mucha, Ukiyo-e, Crane
2.) Clarke, masks, mythology, world religions, Waterhouse, beautiful males from foreign black-and-white movies (Bjorn Andreeson),
3.) disturbed males from foreign black-and-white movies (Anatoli Solonitsyn), Balinese music and dance, clowns, Rackham, the Moon, Hughes (and fairies),
4.)antlers, Canty, top hats, tea, Miyazaki, ink,
5.)gypsies, Suzi Blu, Tim Burton, bones, Amano, horns,
6.)nomadic cultures, trees, Samurai Champloo, romantics (Arthur Rimbaud), The Sandman, Nielson

Am I proud of my influences or embarrassed? Why?
I'm quite proud! My room, the way I dress, my mind... they all look exactly like this moodboard. I just... love the things I love.

So my influences feel relevant to who I am right now?
See above.

Do I want them to be more or less obvious in my work?
I would like to meld all these elements seamlessly in my collection of works... I want to be able to illustrate anything from forest spirits to Victorian tea parties to Hindu epics without it being a stretch. Yes, I'd like my influences to be more obvious, but also more unified.

Who are my favorite artists? Does their work influence me? Why are they my favorites? What are their weaknesses?
My favorite artists are from the golden age of illustration-- Arthur Rackham, Edmund Dulac, Jessie M. King, Kay Nielson, and Walter Crane. I am influenced by fairy tales, as are they. They are my favorites because their style is just....so illustrative. I love stories. Their weaknesses...aren't really weaknesses, but something I want to break away from-- unlike these artists, I am interested in exploring loud colors, messy, dynamic lineart, and exaggerated expressions/poses...while at the same time retaining a whimsical, fairy-tale quality to my work.

Who are my least favorite artists? Why? What is it about their work that I would really like to avoid? What are their strengths?
I couldn't answer specifically, but I don't appreciate the typical superhero comic books style... I guess they would call it the "house style". The reason being... it's all dripping with pop and cheapness and neither the guys nor the girls are particularly sexy. :\ I would like to avoid making all my people's bodies looking all the same. Their strength would be that it's commercially popular?

Choose five traits that you would like to see in your work.
stylized anatomy, blocky lines, sharp features, mythological context, unique coloring style

Choose five traits you want to avoid forever.
boring expressions/poses, lack of color, popular cartoon styles, ultra-realism, super-abstraction

What do I want to do with my art?
I treat my visual art like a narrative medium and I treat my writing like a visual medium. I can't see one without the other. So... I am going to create graphic novels and illustrate stories (hopefully only ones that I have written). I want to tell stories about heroes and romantics and lovelies and fairies and forests.

Why "semi-realism"?
I'm simply not interested in realistic art OR super-cartoony art. So. There.


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