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More character art I've had sta.shed up for a while. This time of Harvey's companion and partner-in-crime, er, science... This is Dead Man Joaquin, a character that I had jumping around from project to project. At the beginning he was to be a marionette character in the vein of John Tracy, but now he's like a cross between Gordon Freeman and Captain Scarlet, two of my favorite alien-fighting heroes. You'll see why in his bio.
Real name Joaquin Jesús González Sosa, Joaquin started his life in Chihuahua, Mexico with his head in the clouds and his hands in the dirt. Señor Guillermo González, Joaquin's father, was a hunter by trade and a woodcrafter by inclination, that is to say that he lived off the land, and also believed that a home without a forest for a backyard was not truly a home. In contrast, Joaquin's mother, Professor Valentina Sosa, cared more about the stars than the filthy ground, and preferred studying the physical properties of celestial bodies over getting any dirt on her own. Though their love was strained, their son was raised in a fairly stable environment with little influence from the chaotic world (not even cartoons). This sheltered but educated lifestyle would finally be his bane when he began high-school; though there were only a few spats with peers, he found out through them that there was a lot to the world he was missing.

Though by no means ignorant, the problems of his world had opened his eyes for the first time to how truly messed up his situation really was. His parents were trying to mold him into career copies of each other, but they couldn't decide what skills he would inherit. He took both professions to his parents and derided them in his teenaged angst. Such family disunity split the unit to pieces once Joaquin entered college, he becoming his own guardian and incredibly capable for a young adult. Despite his former feelings, he took both his parents' professions to heart and studied forestry along with astrobiology. Many of his teachers saw him as a Jack-of-all-trades, not really excelling in any field but doing rather well in them nevertheless; his peers often thought him to be a superhuman super-genius, or at least incredibly able to do so well in what they thought was a whole lot for a too-tall, muscular Mexican kid with parental issues.

However, no family feud could compare to the most influential catastrophe in his life. Though it was never his direct fault, he inadvertently set off a chain reaction though accidentally leaving a petri dish with a neutral environment sitting out on his desk. This neutral environment was suitable for the colonization of a strain of spaceborne bacterium, actually microscopic spaceships, further leading to their "setting up camp" and planning a human invasion, literally. Though the petri dish was later cleaned up and put away, the micro-fleet already set off to infect the humans of Joaquin's college with a horrific disease much like mythological zombism. These "undead" are actually macro-ships for the micro-populations, controlled through invasion of the brain and nervous center and maintained by enslaved blood cells. For these terrible properties and their result, the outbreak was dubbed "The Xombie Incident" (Xeno-zombie).

Joaquin was the only man not directly involved in the initial infection due to his being alone in the college greenhouse, so when he came back to talk with his professor about his grades, he was horrified to find him a pale-green, flaky, shambling mess of a man; an ex-man with enough strength to bend steel beams and chew through rodent skulls. Many of his old friends and colleagues were the same way, much to Joaquin's sheer terror. Uneager to wait on authorities to save him and other few survivors, Joaquin took the disinfection procedure into his own hands, grabbing whatever improvised weapons he could, like pipes and bars, to defend himself, though he soon became a formidable offensive warrior, waning the Xombie population to just a few weakened members. However, having forgotten that he was only human, he soon fell to what he thought was his own infection, and thus doom for the human race.

Far from inhuman, he
and the other survivors retained their humanity, while also gaining limited Xombie powers. While Xombies were nigh-immortal and resilient to physical assault, Joaquin was only a little stronger than a fit human, but he possessed a regeneration factor that could restore his body from fatal injury. Given enough energy and willpower, Joaquin could temporarily go "full-Xombie", his skin turning cold-pale while his strength and endurance increase tenfold. However, this powerup only last for several seconds and can't be used again for about 12 hours; also, such temporary undeath compromises his immune system, leaving him vulnerable to sickness and allergies, from pesky colds to deadly but curable plagues. Joaquin often dreams of further, often horrific powers, like life-syphoning and even superpowered gigantism to skyscraper heights, but is often told these dreams are merely the result of his trauma.

He and Harvey are close partners in maintaining C.R.A.C.K.P.O.T. affairs. However, the two scientists often argue over beliefs and procedures. While Harvey is friendly and warm to acquaintances but cold and calculating (but never cruel) to live test subjects (save for Archie and Ginger), Joaquin is shy and distant to newcomers but cares fervently about the rights and feelings of living things in scientific experiments and the mental state of those that deny those rights. While Joaquin is a man of belief as much as science, believing that God and His machinations are the reason why science is so incredible, Harvey is a staunch atheist who believes that the complexity of the universe could not be maintained by a single intelligent entity, no matter how supposedly omnipotent. The two often butt heads over controversial subjects, but often resolve their spats over time, often learning greatly from and about each other in the process.
I always was fascinated by the concept of "Brains and Brawn" in one package, hence why my favorite X-Man was Beast. This is a little less furry and ham-handed. I didn't want to go for bodybuilder despite his sculpted abs, but rather like a highly-trained athlete raised by both science and nature to defy odds and survive danger. Yes, those are brown bellbottoms he's wearing, as well as a big blue sweater and purple-and-white sneakers under that labcoat, so sue me for being bad in fashion; we can't all be Kevin Stewart (A.K.A. the man behind Professor Badass).

If you have any questions about the project or the character, feel free to drop me a comment or a note, and it would be awesome if you would also join or watch
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