Draugr Picture

The draugr is a fearsome undead monster, first recorded in Norse mythology.

When a man (or, in rare cases, woman) becomes possessed by a Wrath demon, he or she will become a deadly engine of destruction known as a berserker. However, the berserker is still mortal, and can be killed. That's when things get interesting...

Over the course of several days, the dead berserker will grow to a massive size, sometimes up to eight feet tall. His or her skin will take on the texture of leather, and turn a gray or black color. After thirteen days, the corpse will awaken as a draugr.

Draugrs are incredibly strong, and nearly impossible to kill. Their skin is as tough as kevlar, and their bones are as strong as titanium. However, the few injuries they do receive can never heal, and will be permanent additions to the body. Draugrs move at the same speed they did while living, and are strong enough to break through concrete with their bear hands. They are so powerful that most ancient peoples believed they were impervious to damage. And, in that time period, it may have been mostly true. However, it has been noted that draugrs can be killed using fire, though it does take quite a while to burn one completely, during which time they can put the fire out, or continue to try to smash their assailant into a paste.

Draugrs are also skilled practitioners of magic, capable of calling up hellfire, lesser undead, and other unpleasant surprises for any would-be hero who would want to destroy them.
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