187. Wonder Tot (Includes Bonus Story) Picture

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Heheh... And we break out of "Not much to say about this one so let's discuss the work it came from" ghetto with Diana. ^^ Got a ton to say about her.

The idea for her picture came from way back.... As I said, me and Martin typically write ideas back and forth between each other and one night he put me up to this story about Diana being told by DC editorial that she was going to be re-imagined into a toddler for her latest re-vamp. Being the geek I was, I wrote the story and quickly turned it into a meanspirited jab at DC's editors, and the proposed prototype-cover for the new book described in the Quickie became the idea for the cover.

But an extra twist, which was Martin's idea, was that we do a kind of double-cover (which come to think of it we should've done with... Well, plugging the comics is his job ^^). Since Wonder Girl was on the list too, we figured we could do them in tandem; draw one really big cover and split them down the middle. Worked out great, and the combined efforts can be seen here.


On other topics, I tried to get the "Wonder Woman" logo similar to the cover to her book in the 70s, when Wonder Tot was popular. I think I also used Iron Will as a basis for the minotaur seen here.... Appropriate since I used Tyrek for the centaur in Wonder Girl's book. Martin, your thoughts? ^^

Martin's Comments: Heh. Think Adam covered most of the details on this one; if memory serves, right after he wrote that story he mentioned wanting to use the cover mentioned there for this. We were both very eager to get to this one for a long time, but I'm kind of glad it popped up as late into the challenge as it did, given how dramatically the art and coloring have improved over the course of this; go back and compare Sakaki's coloring in her pic to how she looks in Kiki's, or put Wrath's pic against Al's. Some definite progress there for both of us. Granted, this pic predates the Kiki and Wrath ones a good bit. See, because of the nature of this in combination with the Wonder Girl one, Adam drew them together; I just waited to color it for a good while after that, and I only sent it to him to be lined up for when it'd be posted once someone called it.

Y'know, we really should have a character in the sort of spirit of Diana sometime. None of our characters in
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