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In designing Arjuno I was heavily influenced by both Ike (from Fire Emblem 9 and 10) and Kenpachi (from Bleach). Because of this, I think Arjuno has one of the highest Badass stats of any character in the comic. So, in honor of that, here is some info:

Her full name, Arjuno Vasukaya, is a derivative from the Hindu hero Arjuna and the Roman name for the Queen of the Olympians, Juno: Vasukaya is a alteration of Vasuki who was an important Naga King in Hindu mythology.

Vasukaya is the family name of the hereditary rulers of Nagadis. The kings and queens are chosen by virtue of who is born with the Four Arms of Power, which generally occurs only once per generation. It is a rare gene which causes a mutation of the skeleton during adolescence which produces two extra arms. It also tends to induce expanded magical power, however in Arjuno's case this is strangely lacking…

Arjuno is unique among Naga royalty in that she has no innate magical talent whatsoever, making her extremely vulnerable to enchantment. However, she is physically the strongest Naga in history, being able to wield the four-handed royal sword, Ilsular with just two. And as demonstrated, she can also crush the magically strengthened Prophet masks in one hand. In addition, due to her intensive battle training, she can shrug off injuries that others would find crippling or fatal.

Also, unlike many Naga, she is brutally frank and honest, blunt, but kind-hearted. She also has a taste for battle which can sometimes cloud her otherwise flawless judgement.

Her theme song is "Everyday Combat" by (ironically) Lostprophets.

Story and line work by *Agent-Elrond

Clean up and fill inking by *ArofaTamahn

The Iron Wizard and everything it contains is © *Agent-Elrond and *ArofaTamahn 2005-2008.
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