Top 10 Hottest Live Action Guy Picture

Ahh, I saw this meme as well and just had to do it. I have my share of hot animated guys, but I rarely get to show off my smexy live action guys! So here's my list of top ten!

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10. Spock [link]

Zachary Quinto played an amazing Spock in the 2009 Star Trek movie. He was mysterious and somehow sexy. (Maybe it was the pointed ears?) You really got a feel for him and why he acted as he did. His being part human make emotions play a factor in who he is, which is puzzling to him in comparison to other Volkans. What can you say? Spock was quite, secluded, but undeniably attractive.

9. Loki [link]

Ok, for those who haven't seen Thor yet, it was actually a pretty good movie. Granted I tohught the romance was kind of annoying because of how fast it was and Thor's character devlopment was unnaturally rapid, the movie overall was pretty good. And Tom Hiddleston was an amazing Loki! Loki, the trickster God in Norse Mythology, was given new twists and spins in this movie and Tom was fantastic! Loki was a tormented character and did not understand his inner demons and tried to justify himself in the eyes of his father through his cunning and deceit. In the end, he only sought acceptance and merely approached it in the wrong way, and this led him to become a villain in place of a hero. Powerful, misleading, and sexy, Loki is one villain we won't soon forget.

8. The Phantom [link]

Gerard Butler's performance as the phantom may recieve mixed reviews, but I personally loved him. He was dark and passionate and drew you in with little effort, despite his deformity. You felt sorry for him and he was a good enough phantom to make you cry at the end (or maybe that's just me.) All I can say is, you just GOTTA love a man in a mask who sings, composes, sews, plays piano, paints, sculpts, and...the list just goes on.

7. Captain Jack Sparrow [link]

At least one of Johnny Depp's characters has to be on this list. There's no way around that. It must be done! And Captain Jack Sparrow is definately one of Johnny Depp's most memorable characters. He's outlandishly funny and absurdly imbecilic and you just never know whether he'll help you, run screaming, or betray you. But he's such a funny and engaging character, we really don't care that he may just be one of the worst pirates in history. Captain Jack Sparrow, the stuff of legends and every fangirls' dreams.

6. Sweeny Todd [link]

Johnny Depp makes a second appearance on this list, but this time as the demon barber Sweeny Todd. Sweeny Todd is perhaps one of Depp's creepiest, darkest characters ever put on the silver screen. He is distorted and haunted by the injustice of so many years ago and plots revenge against the judge, going to any lengths to achieve it. He sings, he murders, and all while maintaining that frighteningly cool composure, Johnny Depp as Sweeny Todd is one demon barber that sends chills down your spine out of both fear and admiration.

5. Mr. Darcy [link]

Matthew Macfadyen as Mr. Darcy in the 2005 film of Pride and Prejudice...oh my god! This man was amazing! Mr. Darcy is pretty much the closest thing to a real-life Seto Kaiba that oyu can find. It is amazing! He is cold, egotistical, and somewhat vain, but reveals that he has a softer heart for his younger sister and close friend, Mr. Bingley. He does not settle for anything less than what he deems correct and loves Elizabeth, despite protests from the upper class society around him. He is a wonderful character from beginning to end, andf oyu cheer him and Elizabeth on until you are blue in the face. Love won all at the end and he was able to develop without being too awkward when performing acts of benevolence for his lady love.

4. Bruce Wayne [link]

Ha, Bruce is the only character on this list and the top animated guys list. And I am mostly referring to Bruce Wayne as portrayed by Christian Bale, though Michael Keaton was excellant as well. I've already gone into why Bruce Wayne is attractive on the other list, and this one won't be too different. The major thing is how suave and sophisticated he comes off as, but still being completely kick ass awesome when he puts on the cowl and acts as Batman. Bruce proves you don't need super powers to be a hero - just brains and the ability to utilize your resources. (HA! Take that, Superman!) Christian Bale wins as most physically attractive Bruce Wayne by a mile. His only flaw? Throat cancer Batman voice...
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