Favorite Eggman Mechs in Spore Picture

Ok, so this Spore recreation is actually a special one. I decided to make the machines that Dr. Eggman uses in the Sonic series that I consider to be my favorite (though that may be because they are all animal based)

The one on the top is the Egg Hawk, the first boss of Sonic Heroes (and surprisingly the only boss I actually liked minus the final boss) I just liked the design of it, even though it was incredibly easy to beat. The 3rd boss the Egg Albatross was actually a redesign of it, but all it was was the Egg Hawk mounted on a blimp-like machine so I didn't like it nearly as much. This one actually ended up being the only one of the three that wasn't overcomplex.

The second one is the Egg Cerberus, the first boss of Sonic 06 in Sonic and Shadows Story. Although it's not actually piloted by Eggman, it's still a badass design to me. It actually reminded me of a Zoid, specifically the Ligers. It was easy, yet damn annoying to beat (much like another boss in the same game) there was even a second one that shadow faced, though it was colored red. I personally like the black one better though. Even though it doesn't have 3 heads like the Cerberus from Greek Mythology, Its probably named that since it guards Eggmans base like how Cerberus guarded the underworld. This one was within the complexity limit, untill I had to add the legs. Oh well.

The last one is possibly my favorite of all, the EGG Wyvern(though I wish he'd stop calling his machines Egg something) the last boss of Sonic 06 in Sonics Story What can I say, it's a mecha dragon, that alone makes it cool to me (Even if its moveset was almost an exact copy of the Egg viper from Sonic Adventure.) Like the Egg Cerberus, it was in complexity untill the wings came along, which I had no idea how I was going to make them until I had to do them. All things considered, I think I did a good job on that.

The Egg Dragoon from Sonic Unleashed/Generations would have also been on this list, but I didn't like it nearly as much (but I still like the design of it, and its definatly my favorite non animal based Eggman mech) plus I have no idea how to make it at the moment. I think my next recreation will be the Robots (as in the enemies) from Sonic 06, as the main reason why I like it above the other games is that they actually look threatening (when compared to the ones from the other games) and badass, or the Egg Dragoon if I can figure out how to make it.
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